Chris Kyle an Ultimate American Sniper

January 26, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 16:56 PM

I have yet to see this movie but I did see Cris Kyle being interviewed with the release of his book. Particularly notable was the interview with Bill O Reilly. O Reilly in one of his more snarky moments tried to get Chris Kyle to admit HE LIKED WHAT HE DID.

It appeared that O Reilly was hoping to elicit something sinister from Kyle.

Let me shed some light for you O Reilly … The man had a talent with a rifle, was a crack shot with balls of steel, was the boots on the ground knowing full well the danger posed by our foes. Did he like what he was doing? CLEARLY! Ridding the world of those with a MISSION to kill anyone THEY DO NOT LIKE. Is the foolishness of your question clear now?

Now the movie American Sniper is released and we hear from the likes of Michael Moore and Bill Maher along with a number of other fools in the media.

Along comes Judge Jenine Pirro to tell it like it is … I LOVE THIS WOMAN.

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Bill O’Reilly rips Bill de Blasio

December 22, 2014
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O’Reilly is right de Blasio should resign.
However HE WILL NOT!

It will be left to the people of New York to give him the boot.
That is not likely either.