August 2016
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Slander the Tool of the Loser

Crooked Hillary Clinton is clearly hanging by a thread as the fire continues to be stoked under her hot seat.

Frankly it matters not what Hillary Clinton has to say any longer. I simply do not waste my time. She and Bill have adopted the “open mouth lie flies out” so many years ago there is no point in thinking something new will occur.

Today Stefan Molyneux had a segment of his program on her speech yesterday so I listened to him. Here is his rebuttal to her lies and nonsense.
As always worth a listen in my opinion.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think For Yourselves

More Outlaw Morgan.

Whenever I watch a video by Outlaw Morgan he makes me smile and realize as long as there are others like him out there we are not totally lost.

Just one last word to liberal brownshirts.
Take note what what Hitler did to his brownshirts when they were no longer useful.
I.E. the term “useful idiots” and the Russian understanding of what to do with the “useful idiot” when they are no longer useful. 😉

Hello Constitution Party

More Wild Bill ideas.
This time about where we go from the catastrophic mess made by our 2 party political system.

Clearly we have reached critical mass in ETHICAL DECAY and political corruption.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and has been for about 20 years. The situation is bad enough finally that the public is rising up to put a stop to it.

It makes an interesting spectacle.
When the dust settles after the election where do you stand?

I have removed this video.
Dave so kindly pointed out “The Constitutional Party” appears to be another group with the underpinnings of “Westboro Baptist Church” without their dead wingnut leader Fred Phelps.

Poll Dancers

Listening to the corrupt media reporting the latest “Hillary Clinton is winning polls” HOGWASH … I have wondered just who are these stupid corrupt people who would support this criminal?

Well apparently it is simply out and out lies.
What a shock!

I say it over and over … the “KARMIC BITCH” is on a rampage. She dangles the US Presidency right before Hillary’s nose and then snatches it away … like a carrot in front of a donkey.

THE ONE THING that will hurt Hillary the most is Donald Trump cleaning her clock on his way to the White-House.

No wonder she looks sick, tired, needs naps and help up stairs. The stress of it all has to be eating at her slowly. VERY SLOWLY.
But then it could not happen to a more deserving person could it?

Here is another Wild Bill report.
Read it and weep Hillary.
You are finally meeting the brick wall of justice.

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