October 2016
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Gab the New Twitter Game in Town

Facebook and Twitter have been flexing their muscle and booting people off of their networks.

Need you all be reminded your property is your property and both facebook and twitter are making big bucks off of you all?
While making living off of you they are now into abusing those who have feathered their nests?

Well there is a new game in town.

If you want to sign up you do it here:
Don’t be shocked if you are 10,000 in the que to get your invitation back. I was over 9,000 and got my invitation in under a week.

Check it out if you are really into speaking your uncensored mind. :)

Why I Was Wrong About Libertarians

Leave it to Stefan Molyneux to fill my day with smiles.
In this video which is about 50 (well worth my while) minutes he comes down on the hoitytoity Libertarians like a ton of bricks.

No doubt it will fly over their heads at mach but who cares?
It was fun to listen to Stefan’s analysis of these fools who rank among those I classify as “too stupid to recognize stupid.”


Michael Moore on Donald Trump

Of all the lefty’s in the world I consider Michael Moore one of the top most left. In fact so far left he meets the far far right. You are aware the far far left and right pool somewhere in the middle are you not?

Imagine my shock when I started noticing whispers of this video crop up and finally found it an hour or so ago.

Apparently the moral of the story is there is common ground between us all if we take the time to run down and listen to those around us.

Here is the video of what Michael Moore had to say.

Megyn Kelly Got a Shock With Newt Gingrich Tonight

My brother called tonight and wanted to know if I had seen Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich on the Kelly file.

I had not since I gave up watching her some time back.
Her continued whining over the treatment she got after her first debate moderator outing with Donald Trump got boring fast.
What I find quite tiring now is her outrage and obsession with the Donald Trump, Billy Bush incident.

Apparently she forgets she herself is on tape with Howard Stearn talking about her breast size and her husbands penis size.
Are you kidding me?

Some “I AM FOR WOMENS RIGHTS” she is … clearly not leading by example.

Well so much for that faux outrage tonight when she found herself up against the formidable Newt Gingrich. Perhaps he is as tired of this crap as I am fast becoming.

Frankly I will be glad to have November 8th come and go.

Meanwhile enjoy the Megyn … Newt clash. 😉

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