Donald Trump Throws His Hat in Presidential Race Ring

June 16, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 16:04 PM

No matter what you think of Trump he is a shrewd no nonsense negotiator and SELF MADE MAN.

It was actually refreshing to listen so someone who displayed some common sense.

Personally it is tiresome to listen day in and day out to the public yammering of politicians who apparently have IQ’s lower than my shoe size.

Worse is a media following them around acting like they are the smartest people on the planet. In reality they should be ashamed to be noted as more willfully stupid than those they report about.

CLEARLY THE “too stupid to recognize stupid”.

In this speech Trump not only enumerates some of the problems America faces he offers viable solutions to fixing those problems.

One of course would be to clean out the corrupt rats nest in Washington D.C.

My brother called me this morning and asked if I had heard him announce. I had not but he was so enthusiastic I knew I would find the speech on youtube.

So here it is all 45 minutes of it.

This is a Smart Woman with More Balls than Most Men

June 11, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 15:50 PM

A friend just called and asked if I had seen Carly Fiorina on the Bret Baier Special Report.

I had not but went to Youtube to see if anyone would post it.

I found a short clip of what was being said there and found myself saying BRAVO … finally someone with the smarts to know what is going on and the balls to lay out what needs to be done about it.

Imagine that … defining the problem and having a solution that you are willing to express.

Is Marilyn Mosby Prosecutor in the Freddie Gray Case Ignorant or Corrupt?

May 6, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 20:10 PM

0mosbyIt appears that what Ms. Mosby states as FACT in the Gray case are based on her whims or wishes rather than reality.

I suppose the question is why?
Is she actually ignorant of the law?
Has she failed to do her own research if she is rusty?
Is she relying on others who apparently are also as ignorant as she had made her self look?

One would think in a case that has been mishandled from the jump would be handled with kid gloves. Making sure that all of the I’s were dotted and all T’s were crossed.

It now appears along with a Mayor who does not seem to know how to handle a situation we now have a Prosecutor who lacks the competence to deal with the situation.

If the case presented in the article below is accurate it seems possible that Ms. Mosby herself might end up in a legal bind for her apparent incompetence in knowing the legalities of this case. Then stepping up to a microphone and misstating them or simply lying about them.

To read further on the latest check out this article.
Freddie Gray Case – Is Prosecution Already Unraveling?

2 Jihadists Meet Allah in Texas

May 5, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 10:42 AM

Apparently NO MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for these two. So do they still get the 7 virgins?

Megyn Kelly argues the First Amendment rights with Bill O’Reilly.

For those who do not wish to have FREE SPEECH for all … perhaps a move to a dictatorship OUT OF THE USA is a good fit for you.

Marriage is a DEFINITION So Keep it Simple Stupid!

May 4, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 17:21 PM

0marriage1From the beginning of time marriage has been defined as the union between “A man and A woman”.

It is a simple straight forward definition.
So simple anyone past 5th grade and passing reading comprehension SHOULD HAVE THE ABILITY TO GRASP THE REALITY.
It does not say OR MEAN 2 men and 1 woman, 1 men and 3 women, a man and a horse, a man and a man, a woman and a woman ETC.?

So today we have a TINY minority with their panties in a twist (literally) because THEY DO NOT AND NEVER WILL fit the definition. (EMPHASIS ON TINY).

Somehow they have convinced THE REALLY STUPID among us to go along with their PROGRAM.

0marriage2Changing the definition of marriage to include ANYTHING other than a man and a woman is about as stupid as changing the definition of black to include shades of gray until it becomes white.

Not to mention since when does a TINY MINORITY get to change an “age old” definition? And why is it now before the supreme court?

Apparently Justice Antonin Scalia sees humor in the foolishness of this issue.

What will Justice Anthony Kennedy do?
It is likely he will be the deciding vote in a mess that should have been stopped in its tracks long ago.

His past rulings show he stands for equal rights legally for gay unions … but is there a “legal right” for gays to change an “age old” definition?

My guess would be NO.
Should gays have all of the legal protection and RIGHTS as any heterosexual union?
Of course!

As much as the “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC) wants to push, shove, snivel and whine changing the DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE … is not a HUMAN RIGHT PERIOD!

Define the gay union as anything gays deem appropriate.