May 2016
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Donald Trump Gives Foreign Policy Speech

The Center for the National Interest invited Donald Trump to speak about his foreign policy.

That speech took place Wednesday, April 27, 201 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.

This speech has to be the most in-depth, rational plan I have heard since I listened to Ronald Reagan when he ran for Governor of California the first time.

It is about 40 minutes long and worth every moment of the time spent listening in my opinion.

Fiorina Hitches Her Dreams to Ineligible Cheating “TrusTed” Cruz

Cart before horse Cruz and Fiorina

A couple of hours ago NOT SO “TrusTed” Cruz formally announced Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate.

To me that was no shock.
The minute she and her crew asked for further donations to be funneled to Cruz I figured she had made a VP deal. After all Fiorina no longer had a snowflakes chance of snatching that office until she was in a walker. Well unless Cruz got booted after the fact for ineligibility.

This clearly displays the Cruz “CHEAT MACHINES” desperation to caulk the holes in their fast SINKING DINGY.

Apparently the ploy hopes to rack up the woman’s vote. Will it work?
Probably not!
In the end women are not as stupid as Cruz and crowd hope.

In the beginning I donated to Fiorina to get her campaign off the ground. I felt she was a whip smart, competent, successful business woman.
Why not give her a shot?

I quickly lost interest when I noticed her stand offish behavior TO EVERYONE walking to and from the debates.
By the time her advisers got her to warm up it was too late for me.

Today I now question my “whip smart” assessment and default to everyone has “a price” to cave into corrupt and apparently Carley found hers.

Fiorina is aware that Cruz is not a “natural born citizen” … but like all of the Cruz supporters she does not care.
So Carley has joined the ranks of liars who claim they are working for the good of THE US CONSTITUTION when indeed they could care less.

In the middle of the announcement and her words about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton she broke into song.
Just a word of advice … Carley DON’T SING it is not your strong-suit.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning

Christine Jorgensen
So far I have pretty much avoided the who gets to pee in what bathroom controversy.
Because for the most part I don’t give a flip what sexual fetish someone chooses to practice as long as it is not foisted on the rest of us in the public arena or otherwise.

Yes folks I consider LGBTQ a SEXUAL FETISH.
Why someone cares to practice it I don’t know or actually care.
Bringing it into the public arena to me is the same as any straight couple screwing (missionary style) on the picnic table in a public park on the 4th of July.

For those who wish to display this behavior before the world … well brace yourself for a tougher life.

So far those screaming “but I was born that way it’s in my GENES” … well no not unless you are a Mongolian fruit fly or something equivalent … SO FAR.

So for those who insist that THE MAJORITY suffer because of your “behavioral malady” PEE AT HOME while you are in drag.

Personally as a woman with a daughter, grand daughters and great grand daughters I don’t feel I/WE should have to put up with “CHICKS WITH DICKS” in our WOMEN ONLY space.

Here is what The Ronnie Buss has to present on the matter.


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