November 2008
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Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

Wake up and take your country back!

We the people have allowed our country to be taken over by a “good ole boy” system.
The majority of “we the people” are middle of the road individuals.
We are not republicans, democrats or even independents.
We ARE eclectic!
We take a little bit from here and a little bit from there and we become UNIQUE.
We are lumped into a few groups because there are not that many choices.
When we speak we speak with our vote.
Much of the time we do not speak at all.
We sit silent (the true silent majority) and simply allow the powers that be to run things amok.
We feel helpless to do anything about it.
That is the position we find ourselves in today.
We wonder why there are so many people who malign Sarah Palin?
She is a threat!
Yes it is as SIMPLE as that!
She is a threat to the “good ole boy” system and those who profit from it.
She is maligned by women who are threatened that she “IS” all that they themselves would like to become.
She is not the only threat however there are others.
Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty. Charlie Crist to name a few.
Sarah for the moment (at least) has the spotlight. More power to her. More power to all of them willing to forge change together and while they are at it grabbing EVERYONE on the other side of the fence to join in.
We the people have been divided by the radicals that abound on both sides of the fence.
We have become numb to the bickering and fighting because it no longer means anything.
We have watched people with a great common sense approach become so popular they loose site of their true purpose.
They become so consumed by their own popularity that they have become a detriment to “we the people”.
Much of our population has turned into a hand out society.
“Give me ice cream! I don’t care who must feed the cow.”
When does it sink in we ALL OWN the cow and are responsible to feed her EQUALLY.
That means “we the people”  … if I pay 10% then so does EVERYONE else.
No loop holes, no special dispensations no NOTHING.
Why are “we the people” not insisting on this?
It does not take rocket science to realize the cream always rises to the top of the bucket.
Incentive and the will to be the best you can be made this country as great as it still is.
ALL success comes from hard work initiated by someone or a group of someone’s.
So I guess it’s left again to “we the people” … what are WE going to do?
There are brilliant minds out there young and old. Why not band together and really put “power of the people” to work. While we are at it why not include those who were once our allies.
Today we need to stop TOLERATING bad behavior. Pushing a sign out of the hand of an old woman (for any reason) is neither tolerable or acceptable.
Why are we the people doing nothing about this bad behavior?
This is not a freedom of speech issue it is simply bad behavior on the part of some unruly thugs and should be handled as such.
We are at a crossroads. It does not take a sledge hammer beside the head to realize this country is in economic crisis.
We were lead here by ALL of those in government.
The question NOW is can it get fixed … if so how?
With this election THE MAJORITY spoke.
Barack Obama was handed EVERY opportunity to BECOME a GREAT MAN.
Will he have what it takes to do just that is the question?
Only time will tell.
Meanwhile what do “we the people” do?
Go back to “self” business as usual?
Let another fox guard the hen-house?
I suggest that is not a good idea.
I suggest it is probably time to reach across the isle and listen to the eclectic middle ground and really see what they think and stand for in life.
Become the “Clinical Thinker” that abandons emotion, party rhetoric, personal dogma and self agenda to address the issues that ail this country today.