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Berg vs Obama at Supreme Court Dec. 5, 2008

The core issue in this Constitutional Crisis turns out to be a very simple argument indeed.

It does not matter what Obama’s Birth Certificate says because no matter what
he does not meet the requirement of “Natural Born Citizen”.

This is the heart of the Donofrio suit. This is what the Justices will decide to hear or not.

Here is a direct quote from Donofrio:

I have REPEATEDLY stated that Obama can release a golden birth certificate signed by 100 gazzillion witnesses embossed in gold leaf that he was born on the mall in Washington DC and it still wouldn’t make him a “Natural Born Citizen” under the Constitution because he was, regardless of where he was born, a BRITISH citizen “at birth.” Since he was “born” as a British citizen/subject, his United States citizenship was not “natural”.

There is no dispute about Obama’s parentage. His father was a British Citizen, and his mother was a United States citizen. Therefore, Obama was both a subject/citizen of the British monarchy as well as a United States citizen “at birth”. His place of birth won’t change that no matter where he was born. The WND letter solicitation fails to point that out and as such is doing harm to public awarenesss.

Here’s why: if Obama produces a genuine vault kept birth certificate from Hawaii that satisfies every possible requirement, many people will be under the mistaken impression that he is a natural born citizen. World Net Daily needs to correct that solicitation and let its readers know that Obama is not eligible regardless of where he was born.

Check out if you like all of the information below but keep well in mind the strongest of the cases quoted above.

The Beginning:
The issue of the Barack Obama citizenship challenges arrived in a spam email several weeks before the election. It was an accident I ever saw any of this because I seldom open anything that remotely looks like spam.

At first I thought it was a joke but was interested enough to follow the link. Then began running searches to see what popped up on the internet.

I was shocked to find this issue had been going on since Aug 2008 and not a peep from main stream news. Of course I would not expect CBS, NBC or MSNBC to report any of this because their news worthiness tanked about 10 years ago and is on the verge of a flush now. However I heard not a peep from cable either.
Once I found the legal documents filed on the internet for all to read (original suit filed Aug. 11, 2008). Outrage began to set in. EVERYONE seemed more interested in Sarah Palin’s outfit and shoes than the fact that Barack Obama had been sued in Pennsylvania Federal Court over failing to adequately prove his citizenship.

My outrage was simple … why no reports?
Perhaps there was no merit to the case BUT I did not hear any of the big media people reporting it on TV.
Have our news outlets been reduced to trivia and propaganda?

First popped up the “Certificate of Live Birth” issue.

The video below provides an analysis of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth by Dr. Ron Polarik detailing the factors contributing to his conclusion that the document is not authentic. “Dr. Polarik” is a pseudonym and his identity is obscured in this video.

On 25 October Hon. R. Barclay Surrick dismissed Philip Berg’s lawsuit challenging Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the United States, on grounds that the Philadelphia attorney and former Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lacked standing.
More details on this decision

What is a natural born citizen?

Philip Berg delivered a Writ of Certiorari to the U. S. Supreme Court on Oct. 30, 2008. If you have the time (32 minutes)the video below is fairly explicit in detailing the process of why Berg feels this is important to all Americans.

Please allow a moment or 2 for this video to load.


The fourth law suit, challenging Obama’s citizenship and Natural Born status has reached the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

1. Phil Berg (PA) — An answer from Barack Obama is due at SCOTUS by December 1st. Berg claims that Obama is not a constitutionally-qualified, natural-born citizen and is ineligible to assume the office of President of the United States.”

2. Leo Donofrio (NJ) — The case is scheduled for conference by all 9 SCOTUS judges on December 5th. Donofrios’ suit is against Nina Wells, the New Jersey Secretary of State, claiming that she had not performed her duty to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

3. Chris Strunk (NY) — Filed with SCOTUS last week. Strunk had filed a Freedom of Information Request to the Department of State seeking information regarding Barack Obama’s mother’s foreign travel records as well as a stay of the Electoral College voting until such time as this paperwork is provided to the Electors.

4. Cort Wrotnowski (CT) — Filed his second case with SCOTUS yesterday. Wrotnowski claims Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz should not have placed Obama’s name on the ballot without verifying his eligibility for POTUS.

It does not matter if you believe this information to be true or not. THE POINT IS THERE IS QUESTION?
EVERY citizen who believes in the Constitution should DEMAND this matter be settled NOW.

A Petition to sign. Let your voice be heard. We are the People!
I signed HAVE YOU!

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