November 2008
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Political office a lifetime career?

Was our government designed to be a career opportunity?
When did government office turn into a career opportunity for those who produce nothing but long winded hot air? (perhaps that can be harnessed into alternative energy to recover at least part of their unearned salary)

Over the years there have been people who served the people well. Others have been a miserable flop and totally sucked. The later seems to be the case today. Did I hear somewhere our Congress has an approval rate of 18% by “we the people”?

Stop and think about it … if any of us out here in the work force had that kind of rate on our job we would have been drop kicked into the nearest unemployment line in a nanosecond.

So what is wrong with this picture?
Let me see … they go to Washington … serve 3 days playing tiddly winks which now entitles them to WHAT?
A benefit package that would stagger an elephant … FOR LIFE? And they don’t pay into SOCIAL SECURITY?
I have to tell you guys that does not make me very confident that the fund I paid into for well over 40 years is that sound.

You know what? I do not know ANYONE worth that.
Who do these people think they are anyway?
Clearly they forgot how they got to Washington to start.
Their pay comes from our back breaking effort and they take our hard earned tax dollars and piss them off on a billion dollar toilet seat in Timbuktu (while getting a kickback, campaign donation or whatever terminology they think will fly over our head at mach … of a few mil).

I suggest maybe its time to CHANGE the system.
How about some of these little billion dollar projects (“we the people” are expected to pay) start being funded out of the politicians own pockets? (boy I bet that would bring about change fast enough to give us all whiplash)
I like the policy of … you think it up … YOU PAY.
Isn’t that how it goes in your household?

I heard something in a poker game one time that I will never forget.
A player said to a poker dealer … “Hey Betty why don’t you back me in this poker game” … her response was “why would I back someone that will not back himself”? The game paused while the whole table ROTFLOAO (rolled on the floor laughing our asses off).

The meaning was so profound I never forgot it.

No doubt you all think I am MAD AS HELL.
Not true I am waaaaaaay past mad I have come back to center and am looking at the cold hard reality saying to all of you it’s time this is stopped.

How can “we the people” bring about this change?

2 Responses to Political office a lifetime career?

  • Excellent post!
    You are correct in that it’s up to ‘we, the people’ to make changes. The Founding Fathers did not intend for our representatives to be career politicians. Or to be paid.
    A good place to start would be to require payroll taxes, zero automatic pay raises, benefits only while in office, AND a 40 hour work week!

    Here’s a good site to see what the House/Senate does (or doesn’t do) in session.

  • Thank you for the great link. I am posting it right now!

    It is something EVERY ONE of us that join this fight needs to become familiar with.

    Perhaps this site and others like it need to become our news reference of the day.
    I have often wondered how much of what we hear on every side is plain propaganda.
    We already know that the rest is simply a product of the host spin … be it radio, TV, internet blog, or whatever.
    I am from the day when reporters WERE REPORTERS of the news ONLY and “WE THE PEOPLE” were the deciding factor.

    Like everything else all of these mediums have fallen sway to the “big buck” syndrome … who is on top and who is not.

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