November 2008
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What can “we the people” do?

This was a question asked on the “Joe the plumber” site.
It is certainly worthy of an answer for all wanting to participate.

Of course you can donate either time, money or both to someone you would like to see and trust to truly represent you.

But on a more base level you can:
Get a BLOG!
YES your own personal BLOG. They are FREE.
Link those blogs with one another make a NETWORK. 

Let me give you an example of how it worked for me. In 1995 I started a personal website (my whim). I leaped on my soap box and voiced my opinion about anything and everything (my concept was God gave me a voice, this country gave me the RIGHT to use it as I see fit). Back then the internet was new and growing (and NO Al Gore was not responsible or a part thereof). There were others just like me and we grouped together for fun. Soon we began to link our sites to display our thoughts. Then we began to move into world issues and the network grew. It did not take long before I ran smack into the corruption of government on the local level. At first I thought it was simply a Tennessee “good ole boy” system. I quickly found it went all the way up the ladder to heads of state. Then suddenly I realized MA was down the tubes also and the beat went on. You can imagine the shock and dismay of a very naive patriot. How can this happen? 

Finally I realized I and my growing group of cohorts could not do ANY of this alone. We had to engage the rest of the nation. One morning I had what I considered a “divine inspiration” (you know one of those things that you go HOLY SMOKE what a GREAT IDEA! … we all have them we just don’t all follow through) … I understood not everyone had the ability or inclination to write and publish for a mass cause. So I designed pages and asked others on the internet (of like mind) to MIRROR those pages. The concept behind this request was simply (at that time I had about 10,000 group leaders working beside me) the more viewing pages on the internet about the exact same subject the better the exposure. Those people who knew nothing about my own site just might get the same information from Peggy Sue. Keep in mind Google was only a twinkle and yet to be born. Yahoo was an elitist group that deemed it their right and privilege to first approve anyone they added to their search system. OUR SYSTEM of network linking thank heaven over-road their search system and we all thrived and survived on our own.

Within months my own personal website (the one created out of whim) was having 60,000 unique visitors a month. I knew nothing of this until the isp called and was wondering … WHY? … the call went something like this “are you running warez or porno somewhere on you site?” … the answer was “OF COURSE NOT! why do you ask?” I was as shocked as they were to find out exactly how successful my little “mirrored page idea” actually was. That website garnered that 60,000 unique visitors a month until 2001 when I quit updating it. All 300 pages remain today and the visitors have decreased to about 9,000 unique visitors a month. Not bad still for an old site :)

So the point is we gather support one person at a time. You know hundreds of people that I do not and vice versa. The more of us there are the more exposure there is to the issue. People that know and respect you will be more accepting of your point of view than that of someone they do not know.

So does your opinion and thought process count? YOU BET!

The real question remains WHO CHOOSES to stand up and be counted and for how long and under what opposition? :)

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