September 2009
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California Delta Smelt and the San Joaquin Valley Dust Bowl.

smeltThis is simply one more example of our corrupt government ripping off its citizenry in favor of a minority special interest few.

Hopefully SOON “we the people” will again have control over those who clearly forgot they get paid by us.

Thank you to Sean Hannity and Fox News for covering this now desperate issue.

This situation like many man tries to govern is more complicated than presented by anyone on the scene today. (see comment below***)

I am a native born Californian living in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and also a RECOVERING ENVIRONMENTAL & POLITICAL ACTIVIST. I was in the environmental part of it for 4 years. Like most of us who left that environmental movement it was because what originally needed a nudge back to an equilibrium marched to a full blown over the top, over the edge outrageous attack against the good of man. So yes the Environmentalists have turned WHACKO. I got out when a farmer in the southern part of the valley had his farm confiscated because he ACCIDENTALLY ran over an endangered mouse with his tractor. Enough was enough for me.

Today I remain on the Political side of things screaming my head off almost daily about the rampant corruption in BOTH PARTIES of our Government.

bloomingtrees dead_orchards

From this to this!

This has been agricultural land from the moment water was drilled down to or pumped in.
The valley is futile and produces milk, cream, grapes, rice, sugar beets, nursery products, lettuce, cattle, hay, strawberries, tomatoes, cotton, almonds and fruit varieties (to many to name).

This summer there have been 7 attempts made to congress asking the valley pumps be turned back on. EVERY SINGLE TIME Nancy Pelosi had KILLED those attempts. All of this in favor of the delta smelt (above) which may or may not go extinct.

YOU CAN BET if these were her husbands vineyards being turned into fallow grounds those pumps would have been flowing months ago.
Meanwhile as she stands before congress telling lies, stuttering and trying hard to shed a tear OF FAUX FEAR about the shouts of people who are being screwed (without a kiss) by her and her cohorts. One of the bread baskets of the world dries up.

aqueduct-2009 congress_created_dust_bowl

This could solve this immediately!

What better way to control people than starve them?

This DISGRACEFUL excuse for a politician needs to be gone YESTERDAY!


***What you end up with in these situations is SOME big business not monitoring or raping the system and the activist trying to stop it. Involve the government who can not govern anything (even tying their own shoe laces) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Add a little graft and corruption on all sides and as usual WHATEVER is in the middle gets screwed over without a kiss. In this particular case it is the small farmer.

This story is rife with those circumstances … there are agreements to allow land to grow fallow while someone is paid anyway, there is selling off water rights because they thought they would not be needed, there are legal as well as illegal workers being laid off, a 3 year draught, and a Republican judge and President putting all of this into play THIS TIME.
So what is the true problem?

You can not govern good character.
Somewhere along the way ethics have been abandoned.

There will always be that big business owner (NOT ALL BY ANY MEANS) who will screw his mother for an extra buck.
We have seen it in so many of late. It starts on the level of ENRON and filters to the bottom of the chain. SO AND SO does it and did not get caught IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE for bad/corrupt/illegal behavior.
The government can not govern this … much of the time they do not even try.

The activist groups have turned either WHACKO or corrupt … PETA is one such renegade example. Perhaps the public needs to quit donating their hard earned dollars to SOMEONE else to speak and act for them.
Like with ACORN we probably should focus on disbanding these groups and start over.
At least we would have a respite to get back somewhere near center.

16 Responses to California Delta Smelt and the San Joaquin Valley Dust Bowl.

  • WHAT YOU SEE- is the take over of the whole food supply by starting in California and will spread all over the county,the Congress is now going after the cattle herder’s in the central US, to stop producing food and meats. Then the Govt will then give only what you think you need to eat they will starve the country from eating or buying foods.


  • I thought I would never see this day … even when I was in the middle of my activist stint.

    Today with what I see going on … in the government TAKE OVER EVERYTHING PHASE? I am more concerned than I like to admit.

    I spend a good deal of time on forums.
    There are literally MANY people who think IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO US. So they sit and do nothing. There are those simply to lazy to get off their duff with SOMEONE ELSE WILL SAVE ME. Then there is a segment for THE BRAINWASHED young who know nothing but Noam Chomsky doctrine.

    It is nice to see “we the people” finally taking notice and willing to stand up and fight for what always was ours.

  • If enough of us send a strong message to the INSANE Obama puppet members of Congress, they will abandon him like RATS from a sinking ship.

    SEND them PINK SLIPS!!!

    Take this initiative VIRAL and post it EVERYWHERE:

  • I wonder if this is really about the smelt or could it possibly be that Developers/politicians want to run the farmers out to purchase land cheap for future development…line their pocketbooks.

  • I honestly do not know anymore. I have spent years saying “why would they do that?” … about crazy destructive things the government does daily.

    I have given up and now default to: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHY … IT MATTERS THAT THEY ARE.

    What I do know for sure (from a commercial real estate agent) is that since the early 70’s foreign interests have purchased large blocks of what use to be farm property.

  • Maybe RECALLING CALIFORNIA SENATORS would a good way to pull the rug out from the powers that are drying up the land.

    18 States have provisions to do this, and Cali is one of them. Take the trash out of D.C.

    May the People assume their rightful seat of authority!

  • Yes we do. We recalled a Governor not long ago.

    Pelosi is probably a good start with Feinstein on the heels.
    Maybe both at once to save taxpayer money.

  • “This has been agricultural land from the moment water was drilled down to or pumped in.”

    There’s your problem, the climate was naturally semi-arid.

    “One of the bread baskets of the world dries up.”

    It’s arid, it’s supposed to be dry. Before irrigation, it was arid. While it was irrigated, it was still receiving little rainfall and is considered arid. Long after humans, it will be arid.

  • i was beginning to believe i may well end up being the only person who thought about this, at least at this point i realize im not loony :) i am going to make it a point to examine some various other blogposts just after i get some caffeine in me, it is really not easy to read without having my coffee, I was really late last night practicing facebook poker and after downing a few beers i wound up burning off all my zynga poker chips cheers :)

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