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Military Removal of Obama

Our Men at Work

Last September 29th NEWSMAX writer John L. Perry wrote a column about the possibility of the United States military removing President Obama from office. In the article the writer basically makes the case that Obama is incompetent and is not upholding the constitution to defend and protect the people. He argues that Obama is weakening the US by removing the missile defense shield, exposing Israel to nuclear attack and not giving the generals in Afghanistan the troops needed to win the war.

All this is fine but it ignores the main reason to remove Obama from office. What is the elephant in the room that no one is talking about except Beck? Obama is a communist thug wanna bee that has already violated the constitution taking over GM, ignoring bond holders’ rights in the takeover, working with GE in a cap and trade fraud that will enrich GE at the expense of everyone else in the United States. The exposure of CIA agent’s methods and secrets is treason. The take over of the health care industry though the back door. Take over the banking industry with assistance from Bush. And the total disregard for the constitution of the United States just continues on a daily basis. The other elephant in the room is the military knows history. The military knows history very well. And what they are seeing is a Hitler repeat mixed in with some mercantilism and what ever crap sticks to the wall.

We have had some incredibly weak leaders in the past. Jimmy Carter comes to mind. But Jimmy Carter never took over large sections of the economy, endorsed censorship, turned over state secrets to the enemy (on purpose anyway) or exposed Israel to a holocaust. Obama wants to build an internal military force as big as the one we have today. Like Cuba and the former USSR. The guy is a nut job who can read a teleprompter and look good. Inside Obama hates America and wants it destroyed at all cost, including his presidency. Fine let the military take the bastard out.

As Glen Beck showed last Thursday (10-15-09) this White House is very venerable to exposure from the media. When Glen Beck exposed Anita Dunn it was a good example of what the press can do. With alternative sources of media like this web site the people, the 30% that will make a difference, can know the truth. And you better believe the military knows the truth and what that creep and his friends are up to in the White House.

Stupid Bitch Idolizes Chairman Mao

Stupid Bitch Idolizes Chairman Mao

The question is who is going to fire the first shot? I don’t mean literally fire a shot. What I mean is will the White House start to disassemble the first amendment? How and where? When will the White House go after the second amendment? It took Hitler a couple of years to consolidate power and his dictatorship. The people of Germany were much more complacent for him because he was one of them. Obama is an impostor and always has been an fraud. Where’s the birth certificate? Why spend $1.2 million keeping the birth certificate out of a court of law? Where’s the Barry Soreto Columbia degree? The charlatan
Dictator wanna bee

Dictator wanna bee

can’t even release the Columbia degree he received to the public. The dude is a total fraud and dictator wanna bee. So when will he fire the first shot at the first or second amendment?

I say the first shot is the passage of the health care bill that the majority of Americans do not want. All dictators want control of health care for two reasons. There a lot of tax revenue involved. Second undesirables can be put to death. That’s the first overt shot in the war for a dictatorship of the United States. One could argue the GM and banking takeover were the first shots. I would call them sucker punches. Nobody thought the federal government would be so brazen and in violation of the constitution but they were. So the dictators in Washington got a couple of sucker punches in. And now the debate moves on to health care and we the people know what you’re all about. Go ahead and make my day asshole.

The stakes are clear to clear headed thinking free people. The game plan is to destroy capitalism and the economy. Weaken America to the point wars overseas will break out. The most obvious is the Israel/Iran war. But there will be war in Europe which most people seem to be oblivious of. Russia wants more than anything for Iran to go to war with Israel. The price of oil will skyrocket. Alternate natural gas lines, such as Nabucco, could be destroyed. All that economic power would transfer to Russia as the Middle East is consumed in war. A weak United States would be an open invitation for Russia to move into Western Europe and subjugate the continent like it did in the past. Obama would be busy in America killing capitalism and capitalist. Does any of this sound familiar?

60 Million Deaths in China so the Country could be a Communist Utopia

60 Million Deaths in China so the Country could be a Communist Utopia

America was very isolationist in the 1930’s. FDR, the American dictator who had an average unemployment rate of 17.2% under his reign, was busy killing the American economy at home. And then in 1939 Germany fired the first shot. The world was totally taken by surprise, or the dumb liberals like Neville Chamberlain anyway, as the war machine rolled. Stalin was totally taken by surprise. Imagine that another stupid dictator taken by surprise by Hitler in 1941. And Obama is nothing more than another stupid dictator wanna bee more concerned with black liberation theology and making the white man pay for his sins than protecting the people. What are a few millions white man military deaths? Pretty much the same attitude Stalin had towards the peasants in his country. Or Anita Dunn’s favorite philosopher Chairman Mao and his 60 million sacrificed in the name of communism.

Another Stupid Dictator that failed to protect the people

Another Stupid Dictator that failed to protect the people

The military knows history. They know how dictatorships are formed and the end results. The military knows how economies collapse. Are they going to play dumb and let the stupid psycho in the White House go through with his plans of destruction? I don’t think so. Take the bastard out and exile him to Haiti. He can be with his people for the rest of his life.

11 Responses to Military Removal of Obama

  • Excellent piece!
    You are dead on. McChrystal should resign, brings “his” troops home for some R&R, park ’em on the WH front lawn and remove this Commie jerk and about 75% of Congress from office. Insurrection is inevitable with this lying, inept half-wit in office. Hopefully enough voters will wake up and vote his congressional cronies out of office next year and then he will be the most miserable failure to ever be elected.

  • Hi all. :-) I have been talking about this for mos; but Congress is afraid to take action . . . only recently a few members are gingerly speaking out against BO. This solution would be preferable to civil war. BO wants to frustrate and anger Americans to the pt that they will become violent, so he can declare martial law. He and his cronies are working 24/7 at breakneck speed to ruin America and hand Her over to the UN, and eventually the NWO.

    Every American needs to ask themselves this question: Am I going to sit by and let this dictator turn America into a third world country?!? It’s coming, folks (faster than you know). BO would have you believe that your loss of freedom is worth world peace. The Bible says, “There will be talk of peace; but there will be no peace” . . . not until Christ Jesus dwells among us in the millenium. And rest assured, peace is the last thing BO has in store for Americans. Prayerful consider what you will do for your liberty. Tc/Gbu all. S.

  • If Obama were to be removed, a certain group in the Democratic party would destroy cities across America.

  • I should have added that the riots would bring in military rule and we would then be a third world nation for sure.

  • If even a magnetic/electric type bomb is dropped on the USA (and supposedly Iran and North Korea have the technology), this would effectively shut down communications and travel; and BO could declare martial law, bring in foreign troops and confiscate our guns.

    Everyone needs to watch this important video:

    Our freedoms are flying out the door; and it is past time to stand up and push back against this tyranny. Gbu all.

  • Here is another, but worse case scenario:

    May God bless and be merciful to America.

  • The USA is now a Dictatorship under Obama because of:
    1. Treason – Obama’s pre-Election promise to meet Unconditionally with Iran’s leaders if elected, etc.
    2. Attempting and threatening with his Administration to destroy the 2nd Amendment and other parts of the Constitution.
    3. His billionaire supporters’ buying the News Mafia, Entertainment Mafia, Academic Mafia, Minority Ethnic and Sexual and Criminal-Defense Mafias, Lawyer-Judge Mafias, Political Mafias. The Founding Fathers would never have intended for even the News Media to be controlled by a small Anti-Constitution group and would have declared Elections null and void under such conditions.

    Thus, removal of Obama from office by either the Military or non-Military is justified.

    Osher Doctorow

  • There will be riots in the cities sooner or later. It happened in Detroit in 1943, 1967, LA in 1992. And?

    Better to have riots than mass death. The country is divided now just like it was in 1860. No amount of sweet talk is going to change that. Obama is accelerating the divisions.

    So lets divide the country and start three new ones. The Red stares in the middle and east and west coast peoples democratic republic fascist, communist countries.

  • Homegrown Islam terror may increase–beware. Educate yourself and family. Research (OATH KEEPERS) Active
    millitary, vets, fire, ex and active police, patriots all. NOTE: The original Minutemen mentality should be revisited and
    reestablished immediately—YOU are needed. Be sober-minded, determined and constitutional. We must be effective; and safeguard our GOD-given and God based
    constitutional rights and protections. WE THE PEOPLE have a duty and responsibility to put the elected and the unelected traitors and their sponsors on notice; THERE IS NO ESCAPING OUR WRATH. QUESTION: Is there an alternative to removing those who would ENSLAVE us?

  • Wish we have a congress like Honduras. With the ‘go-ahead’ from congress the national guards or the military can act legally to remove the usurper forcibly. But we have only traitors in congress!
    And the media is either stupid or blind to the impending collapse of our country!

  • I use the remote to turn channels if needed. MSNBC needs to get a grip. I can self censor and I don’t pay attention to which corporate sponsor is currently running the planet.

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