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Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue Book Review

The best selling book by Sarah Palin has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal and other outlets. Most concentrate on her beefs with the John McCain camp or her economics. Some do the same old same old and try to nit pick her and belittler her. To me they miss entirely the real story of her life. The transformation of American culture from one of God, family and country to the government is god.

Sarah like millions of isolated white Americans grew up in an isolated America in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s believing America was good. Work hard and trust in god and family. She had a lower middle class nuclear family with both the mother and father present in her life. School was the usual rivalries in sports and competition for boys. There was not a lot of political correctness from what I can detect in her school or politics. From her accounts she had the all America lower middle class upbringing surrounded by friends and family. She was lucky.

Also going on in the 70’s in the inner cities throughout America was forced desegregation that brought political correctness, white flight, riots and the begging of the end to the American school systems as nonpolitical entities. This started in the 50’s but reached new plateaus in the 70’s brought about by abortion rulings and busing orders from liberal activist judges. I was there in Pontiac, Michigan in the 1970’s and saw first hand this insidious destruction of values and academic standards in favor of politically correct agendas that destroyed and disabled the moral and traditional values of our kids. Sarah and millions of other “regular” kids missed this and for years were ignorant of this movement into the schools of America by the leftist.

Then one fine summer afternoon she got a call from John McCain to run with her for vice president of the United States. And suddenly her world changed from local skirmishes with weasels involved in local issues to dealing with the fascist machine both in Washington and in the media. She like millions of other good and decent Americans sheltered from the viciousness and derangement of these New Leftist. Emboldened by a declining intelligent electorate and years of propaganda in our educational institutions both in lower and higher learning and she was shocked! Prey tell Sarah and the rest of white America where were you as our cities were destroyed in the 70’s and 80’s?

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Sarah like millions of other middle and upper class white people have finally been awakened to the reality us lower class whites have been dealing with for decades. These bastards are vicious, prejudice and anti American. They will stoop to any means to demonize and destroy anyone who stands in the way of power and total annihilation of “white privilege”. They have federal, state and local policies in place that discriminate as a matter of public law. Welcome to the club Sarah. Was it fun?

Sarah, like millions of other Americans, seems to have wakened up from her slumber. Will she run for the White House? My bet would be yes. It’s in her nature. So to it’s in the lefts nature to destroy her by any means necessary and I mean that literally. She would be putting her life at risk because with the exception of General Petraeus her road to the Republican nomination is strait as an arrow. I wish Sarah the best. She’s not perfect but who is?

She’s somewhat ethnocentric but only has a mild case of the world revolves around me syndrome. Her economics is tolerable but she would be well advised if she ever graces the White House to name Cato scholar Dan Mitchell as treasury secretary and LISTEN to every word he says.

And yes Sarah you did the “slime line” but millions of Americans have done worse. I worked as the asbestos inspector back in my college days. When I got done with class on the other side of campus I got in my car to drive across campus to my job supervising illegal aliens and they removed the carcinogens from the University of Central Florida Administration Building. I got in my car not because I was lazy but because I didn’t want my professors or fellow classmates to see what my real job was. Yes I and millions of other American have done these types of jobs that we don’t like to brag about. You are not alone.

And yes Sarah’s family was lower middle class but she had a family. She obviously doesn’t know how valuable that is unless you never had one. It is a HUGE advantage having a male biological father figure in the house protecting you and providing for your siblings. This is why I don’t get Sarah’s “I am woman” and support of Title IX attitude.

How many men were denied scholarships at universities because of Title IX? And for what? To make room for women’s badminton? The answer is college wrestling programs were drastically reduced in the 70’s to make way for women’s sports teams that were almost impossible to field. Another attempt by the left to marginalize men and their masculinity as well as their sports. Let the marketplace dictate the number of men and women in athletics. Shame on Sarah. She needs to scrap the women crap and support the removal of Title IX and all other anti male legislation. It’s not a whole lot of fun going to the welfare office with your single mother to get the necessities of life from some government worker. It is better to be lower middle with a father than suffer the depravity, be ostracized and endure the humiliation of poverty and no father.

I get the feeling she doesn’t really see the war in the lower 48 that has occurred on fatherhood brought about by welfare, child support and the virtual elimination of men’s role in their children’s lives. In the lower 48 men are looked at as walking wallets and nothing more to the leftist.

Sarah is cute and smarter than most women. She would be a great president over the dolt we currently have who is in love with the idea of being dictator for life. She needs to drop the feminist ego and listen to her kid Track. If she does that she can make a positive change for America if for no other reason than she will be the final straw that broke the republics back and separated the lower 48 forever. Live free or die.

Good luck Sarah and cover up when that buckshot starts falling down on you.

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