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Asked and Answered (Will Eric Holder Be the Next Obama Minion to Fall?)…

Question from elby:

Excellent link concerning ( U S ATF agents selling guns to the Mexican Cartels ), but will anything be done ?   This Administration has been breaking our Laws from day one !    Also Obama & Timothy Geithner are members of the Evil Bilderbergs, from whom Obama takes his orders !  This Evil Group wants to eliminate 2/3 of the world’s population. Everyone should check out Daniel Estulin book , The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.   God help us all !


Elby, would put this “out there,” in answer to your query about “will anything be done?” 

Too often, well meaning, constitution, nation loving, Americans forget, that the founders instituted a sysem that would work thru checks and balances.  But that means each “balance” of power must rise to their obligation therein. 

Balance of Power as provided within letter and spirit of Constitutional law and system: 


These three share ENUMERATED powers and are restricted from all but those 17.  The design, each “jealous” of their own authority and power work together but also, create conflict when one or both of the others step out of bounds.

Today, what we see is collusion of those 3 and all lined up and TOGETHER, co-operatively instituting socialism, big bro, dissolution of Constitutional system, Bill of Rights, etc. 

In considering this possiblity, the founders instituted the free press right into the Bill of Rights.  First order of business, actually. 

And today, we find the 3 fed branches in bed with press and media who have become but the machine’s propaganda machine. 

And so, to answer your question, “will anything be done?” I would answer, Certainly not by any of these branches of power. 

All this to point out that which we have forgotten, that WE, THE PEOPLE ARE THE FIFTH AND LAST BALANCE OF POWER. 

The Bill of rights ensures our right, authority, means to undo the corrupt federal (and state) powers and take our nation back. 

And so, would ask you back, “will anything be done?” and ask you, are YOU as sovereign American willing to DO and get it done? 

We have it in our power.  And we need not take up arms.  COnstitutional must be our “weapon” of choice and we all must relearn how to “pull that trigger.” 

“Elective despotism is not why we fought a revolution.”  ~~ Thomas Jefferson 

“Will anything be done?”  Asks, expects gov’t to reform itself. 

I would assert this task in now left to us.  And if we fail to stand, we consign our land of the FREE into the dustbin of history and ourselves, our progeny, into indentured servitude. 

Food for thought.

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