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The Missing 13th Amendment

Posted by Keith Broaders on June 15, 2011 at 8:00pm

In 1810 members of the House and Senate took action to prevent our government from being hijacked by Great Britain. Congressmen and Senators were convinced that British agents were making an attempt to infiltrate our government with lawyers, corrupt politicians, bankers and judges. In an effort to prevent this from happening they passed the 13th amendment. The House voted 87 to 3 and the Senate voted 27 to 1 in favor on the amendment.

The purpose of the amendment was to punish elected officials that accept emoluments (bribes,gifts or donations) from British agents or corporations. The members of Congress wanted to prevent elected officials from offering entitlements or special benefits to individuals or groups. They wanted everyone to be treated equally under the lsw. They did not an aristocracy to exist in America. The punishment for violating this amendment was to be the loss of citizenship to those that were found guilty. Congress did not want to see the birth of special interest groups because they knew that if special interest groups were allowed to be created, Congress would become the compromised and that corruption would reign in America.

The amendment need 13 of the 17 states to be ratified. 12 states ratified the amendment by 1812 but the 13th state to ratify was Virginia in March of 1819. The amendment began to be published in copies of the Constitution printed between 1820 and 1870. Mysteriously at the end of the Civil War the amendment disappeared. The same corrupt lawyers that were adversely effected by the amendment manage to expunge it without repealing it.

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