August 2011
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Ron Paul and Real Economic Change?

Is Ron Paul actually unconventional?
Apparently that is determined by who is perceiving unconventional.

Clearly his belief system is unconventional to a majority in our UNTHINKING government officials. How unconventional is it to the “average thinking citizen” on the street?

I suppose that also depends on whether that average thinking citizen listened to the skewed hypocritical media or what Paul has to say himself.

On one of the forums I attend every time Ron Paul is mentioned a virtual word skirmish erupts. Paul is a lightning rod that can split a cohesive conservative group into a warring faction in a nano second.


My curiosity suddenly got the best of me.
Like many of those ignorant on Ron Paul I paid attention to the negative sound bites spewed by Fox, MSNBC, CNN etc.

Silly me … I know better or at least thought I did.

In my opinion the best we can do is hit youtube and listen to the man himself.

How amazing it is that we can finally get to the bottom of what someone is saying and meaning (providing you have a quasi ethical interviewer).

I still do not know if Ron Paul is MY GUY.
It is still to soon in the game to decide.

That being said he is NO WORSE than any of those who have thrown their hat in the ring so far.

He is clearly more closely aligned to the average citizen on the street than many of those in the lead.

It is therefore no surprise his common sense mindset is closing the gap with the public who is drop dead tired of the “Same Old Shit”.

The rumbling on the “internet street” is fairly simple.
Wake up American Political Establishment … a 3rd party is likely to kick your butts into 2016 or NEVER AGAIN!

Ignore the voting public at your own peril.

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