August 2011
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Wake Up and Take Your Country Back MIDDLE AMERICA.

The “tea party” is a “MINDSET” NOT A PARTY!


I opened this blog back on November 18, 2008.
It was clear back then how serious the problem was here in the USA. I am not the only one who recognized the problem. There were many of us scattered around the states.

I decided to do what I could perhaps to simply vent my own frustrations.

My background working fields are primarily behavior, psychology which worked into political activism around 1995. With the internet I had learned (quite by accident) what a valuable educational weapon it could be.

It took me about 8 years slugging around in the muck and mire of liberal/progressive politics (I was a Republican) to realize how truly dense and corrupt a good majority of these individuals are. As long as your goal was the same as theirs they were your avid supporter. When you deviated from their want or need like pit vipers they strike to kill.

Many of them could not think their way out of a paper bag and could not solve a problem without someone laying out step by step details. They were indeed the epitome of what the Russians called “useful idiots”. As long as they had someone thinking for them they could in “mob force” follow instructions and get the task done.

Those years made me understand exactly what makes the liberal/progressive tick today.

So the antics we see from that side of our society is no surprise.

The Saul Alinsky method was something I innately understood from moving my own group of people to get a job done (before I ever knew about him).

With the election of Barack Obama I decided to wade back into the “political sewage” and make a stand. I knew there were others just like me who understood we could not do it alone.

But at least we could collect with the same thoughts with hope of protecting our country.

Then in the early part of 2009 along came Glenn Beck who started his “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” campaign. That began to unite the UNIQUE middle ground ECLECTIC THINKERS and the TEA PARTY started to spring up.

Here is the the beginning of that first blog post.

We the people have allowed our country to be taken over by a “good ole boy” system.
The majority of “we the people” are middle of the road individuals.
We are not republicans, democrats or even independents.
We ARE eclectic!
We take a little bit from here and a little bit from there and we become UNIQUE.
We are lumped into a few groups because there are not that many choices.
When we speak we speak with our vote.
Much of the time we do not speak at all.
We sit silent (the true silent majority) and simply allow the powers that be to run things amok.
We feel helpless to do anything about it.

That is the position we find ourselves in today.

The rest of the post here …

These are short videos from around the country.

This is a sample of the “UNIQUE ECLECTIC THINKER” who has a “TEA PARTY MINDSET“.
he or she may not be a member of the “tea party”.



I have heard the dense left forever maligning the TEA PARTY.

The ignorant clueless Maxine Waters just yesterday.
Note the woman who wants to flip the script to “What country can do for me and the people in this room.”
(I will spare you my rant over that comment at this time.)

These individuals fall into the category that I call “to stupid to recognize stupid“.

What they fail to comprehend is the TEA PARTY … is simply a “mindset“.
The TEA PARTY is made up of all colors and all political parties.

That terrifies to the core EVERY INTELLIGENT liberal/progressive.

THESE ARE THE UNIQUE individual voters who are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

They have common sense and can more than likely balance a checkbook. They can recognize a lie when they hear it and are tired of both parties (Republicans & Democrats).

So every time we see one of these “gnat brained media fools” trying to malign the TEA PARTY … they are stupidly maligning the entire MIDDLE CLASS MAJORITY.

Take heart Americans when you hear the left going into a foolish tirade KNOW THEY ARE ON THE ROPES.

We can no longer trust ANY OF THE MAJOR NETWORKS to tell us who is winning anything.

They do not have boots on the ground and if they did they would not listen anyway.

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