August 2011
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Who do you trust babe?

We the People can no longer trust our government or the media.
A few months ago I would have thought that was a pity. Today I realize we dropped the ball. All along we the people should have been vigilant on affairs that deeply concern us.

How foolish that we simply trusted and left OUR LIVLIYHOOD and SECURITY in the hands of “the corrupt”.

Yes I am dead serious when I say CORRUPT.
We might as well face it none of what is going on is by accident.

Do I believe EVERYONE IN GOVERNMENT is corrupt?
However those who are not are either powerless or choose to do nothing about it.

The result?
Our young will be left to mop up the mess.
Or worse work as slaves to a system that can no longer support itself.
We have reached crisis state.

The video below is one reported problem.
I watched and was disgusted.

The video was produced by William B. Mount his youtube channel is at:

He has 3 videos available you might be interested in watching simply to decide if you believe what he has to say in the above video.

Before I posted the information here I researched to find the cons against the video. I dismissed Snopes since they are not always accurate. I do not know if that is by accident or design.

I finally ran into a rebuttal at:
The News Tribune by Kathleen Merryman.

Ms. Merryman wrote a great article.
She is a volunteer and works for humanitarian efforts.
Do I trust her perspective as wholly accurate?
Because I am fully aware of Agenda 21 and its efforts.

Being aware of Agenda 21 the “Salishan Project” is reminiscent of what the UN hopes to achieve in the USA.

Agenda 21 presents a pretty picture but sinister outcome.

So AGAIN it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to sharpen our common sense skills and figure out what you think is going on.

So who do you trust baby?
Hopefully the answer is an EDUCATED SELF!

Below is a comment from the Merryman article.
It is what many hard working Americans see, say and think.
Can you relate?

taxpoor says:
August 7, 2011 at 10:47 pm

I believe in helping truly poor people or temporarily those who have encountered hard times but were previously hard workers/taxpayers, but this is ridiculous!!!

My husband and I worked hard for 36 years each before retiring.
Never in our lives would we have been able to afford such fancy digs and then to have the place maintained!!!
Are the authorities afraid these people are not responsible enough to contribute to the care of the homes practically being GIVEN to them? Their contributions for upkeep should be a condition of their living there!

Yes, please, click here to check his figures as Ms. Merryman suggests above.
Go to cash assistance and put in “refugee pay” and see what comes up.
Maybe Dr Mount was a little generous with his claim but I was flabbergasted to see what a family of four gets!!! (and many times there are more than four in a family).

Check it out for yourself.
I get sick of these young people who think they have a right to have irresponsible sex with anyone anytime they please, then foist their resulting offspring on taxpayers.

I’m sick to death that the talk is to cut Medicare but never is it mentioned to cut out all the freebees for these irresponsible people.

My friend’s daughter is a grocery checker and she just seethes at seeing the grocery items these people are allowed to get with the EBT (while she works her butt of behind the counter and can’t buy those items).

Then they pay for the beer and cigarettes with cash (again cash from we taxpayers), while they have manicures and all these fancy hairdos. Those little braids cost a fortune and some of the kids have them too. Any yes, I’ve asked and they have to get them done by a hairdresser.

And yes, there were articles in the papers and news about welfare people being able to get cash at casinos, therefore, to play bingo.

I wanted poor people to have safe clean homes, but they should have to clean them and take care of their lawns just like we taxpayers do. And they shouldn’t be this fancy!!!
They are living in more beautiful homes than the taxpayers who support them.

It is a crime to do this to taxpayers.
No wonder our economy is in the condition it is.

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