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The Trayvon Martin Spectacle

Well as usual a few days late and a lot of dollars short Fox News Bill O’Reilly catches up with the Trayvon Martin first eye witness story.

A story by the way that has been known and reported on the web since a few days after the shooting occurred.

That eye witness who saw Zimmerman being wailed on by Martin. Zimmerman screaming HELP HELP as the eyewitness (John) is dashing to his apartment calling 911.

While the police are being battered for NOT ARRESTING the man who shot the kid wailing on him … Al Sharpton, and the Black Panthers are trying to kick up a firestorm of POOR BLACKS AGAIN BEING VICTIMIZED BY WHITEY.

What extremes will the MSM go to cause racial divide in the country?
Well simply tune into any of the progressive oriented SO CALLED NEWS OUTLETS and witness for yourself.

What extremes will Barack Obama go to in order to distract the public from his miserable job at running our country?

The guy is a monumental flop … what else can be said?

It seems the squeaky clean 17 year old was not so squeaky clean after all.

He was known on Twitter as ‘@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA’ read about that HERE.

I found these photos of the doctor job the media has done on Trayvon Martin.

Why do you suppose they have done this doctoring? So he looks a little more like “If I had a son he would look like this” Obama?

Here ya go the before and after shots.

From MoonBattery comes the story below.

The Trayvon Martin Spectacle

Never mind skyrocketing gas prices or a national debt that is an imminent threat to collapse the entire economy. Our rulers want us to think about the Trayvon Martin case instead — or rather, a fictionalized version of it.

Although the facts aren’t yet entirely clear, what actually happened is becoming apparent. A commendable citizen attempting to defend his neighborhood from crime got a little overzealous in following a suspicious-looking punk in a hoodie, the punk attacked him (as a witness confirms), and Zimmerman defended himself, earning him a commendation and the well wishes of all law-abiding Americans. Not being the criminal here, he was on the phone with authorities as events unfolded. The 911 tapes appear to confirm Zimmerman’s innocence. The tapes also confirm that screams from the Establishment Left notwithstanding, Zimmerman was not motivated by “racism,” as he didn’t even know Martin’s race when he started following him, thanks to Martin’s sinister hoodie.

However, liberals have distorted or ignored the facts to create a mostly fictional example of their bogus and corrosive narrative. The media has deliberately twisted the story into a “white” Hispanic hunting down an innocent boy and killing him to oppress blacks.

The hype is alarming, with the New Black Panthers, Obama’s close political allies (see here and here and here and here), offering a bounty on Zimmerman, which may constitute the only actual crime committed in the case.

The usual race demagogues have been shrieking, including Jesse Jackson (who refuses to comment on the New Black Panthers bounty) and Al Sharpton, who has repeatedly inspired his cretinous followers to kill whites in the past.

Predictably, this has been echoed by chilling calls for violence against Zimmerman. The verminous Spike Lee has been retweeting Zimmerman’s home address in hopes of getting him killed. Already the first Caucasians have died in what may have been retaliation for Zimmerman’s apparent act of self-defense.

Meanwhile, white liberals bleat like the pernicious lunatics they are that Zimmerman should be locked up regardless of his innocence. From MSNBC come bizarre cries that Trayvon Martin’s demise should be blamed on Rush Limbaugh or the Koch Brothers.

An appalling recent example of violence that really was inspired by racism — the horrific case of 13-year-old Allen Coon being set on fire on his own porch for being white — continues to be ignored.

The crisis was created not by George Zimmerman, let alone Rush or the Koch Brothers, but by professional racial arsonists like Sharpton and the malignant left-wing media, which sees in this an opportunity to attack our right of self-defense and to assist Obama’s reelection campaign by convincing the gullible that they have to prove they aren’t “racists” again.

We need a leader to hold this country together. Instead, we have Barack Hussein Obama issuing the statement that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin, thereby flashing a green light to those who are mendaciously exploiting the incident to advance a race-based leftist agenda.

Whole story here …

Just a little side note here folks. Apparently Spike Lee who has published whereabouts information about George Zimmerman on the net as well as the Black Panthers. The persons and organizations can be sued and go bankrupt for inciting violence against Zimmerman if he is harmed.

An example of such a loss is Tom Metzger of the East Side White Pride with ties to WAR who suggested their members need to do something about blacks and homosexuals. When members killed a young black man in Oregon they were sued and Metzger and his group bit the dust under a suit that lost them a whopping $12.5 million.

Other true character reference for Trayvon Martin:

3 Responses to The Trayvon Martin Spectacle

  • Taking the Wind from Race Baiter (Democrat) Sails – Two points:
    1) ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ can be turned on BHO & crew.
    2) When the courts prove that they can be trusted NOT to administer the law as legislated demagoguery and cronyism will rule rather than constitutionally guaranteed republican-rule-of-law
    Use 1) to fix 2). Apply 2) to the POTUS candidates Constitutionally required ‘natural-born-citizen’ requirement. BHO’s signature on legislation & legislation-by-EO becomes void ab inito.
    The “Treyvon Martin Problem” & Virginia’s immediate cost-effective permanent fix
    From the “Journal of Constitutional Reset from Virginia
    In any state the has an uncorrupted base of English common law (Magna Carta +) Treyvon’s mother could directly present her complaint to the citizen grand jury and the grand jury could ORDER the prosecutor to prepare an INDICTMENT on the killer.
    Virginia has the law right in statute § 19.2-191. “Functions of a grand jury.
    The functions of a grand jury are twofold:
    (1) To consider bills of indictment prepared by the attorney for the Commonwealth and to determine whether as to each such bill there is sufficient probable cause to return such indictment “a true bill.”
    (2) To investigate and report on any condition that involves or tends to promote criminal activity, either in the community or by any governmental authority, agency or official thereof. These functions may be exercised by either a special grand jury or a regular grand jury as hereinafter provided.:

    But the judges of Virginia regularly resist VA19.2-191(2) under the [false] color of the laws authority – which is defined as VA18.2-481(5) felony statutory treason that they can only perpetrate in their personal capacity. EVERY LAWYER WITNESSING that and the daily violations of the VFOIA is conclusively evidenced as perpetrating felony VA18.2-482 “Misprision of Treason”.
    Please ask Gov. McDonnell to correct Virginia’s ‘Treyvon Martin Problem’ by demanding that he do his constitutional duty to ‘take care that the laws are enforced’ using all necessary force. Ask that Gov. McDonnell demand the surrender of EVERY officer of the SCOVA (every lawyer, judge & justice) offering them full pardon upon the virtue of proper parole oath. Virginia could easily fix this ‘Treyvon Problem’ in less that a week and at almost no cost.
    ‘The “Treyvon Martin Problem” & Virginia’s immediate cost-effective permanent fix’ at

    From the “Journal of Constitutional Reset from Virginia” at

  • I would like to bring attention to a case where Seattle Police Dept has refused to make a priority in catching the 3 cold blooded killers who savagely beat, robbed and murdered 58-year old Filipino immigrant Danny Vega who happened to be gay. He owned his own hair salon out of his home in South Seattle and was walking from his car to his house when the assailant thugs jumped him, robbed him, and beat him to near death causing hemorraging. He was on life support for 2 weeks until he died in hospital. His attackers he described before he died were “black/African-American gang members.” Danny was respected in our community and never did anything wrong to anybody so his credibiltity was 100%. Where were civil rights leaders to bring outrage this???? Nowere!! Thank you.

  • Norman Brenner: “The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism.”

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