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Fascist America and Forming a New Conservative Party

Why do American’s dismiss Libertarian Gary Johnson as a presidential candidate?

It is official; the Republican leadership in congress gave in once again to Obama and the Democrats in financial negotiations on taxes and spending cuts. This has become such a predictable pattern the Republicans should just adopt a new name for their political party, the Washington Generals, the opponent of the Harlem Globetrotters that never win. The reasons for the defeats go way past election results, central banking, Wall Street, military power, world politics, but the bottom line is 40% of the country has no political representation in Washington DC. We are ignored once the representatives are seated into positions of power.

What can we do?

In an ideal world the “Tea Party” representatives would form a third party made up of the 100 or so congressional representatives that are willing to break with the Republican leadership. This would force the Republicans who pretend to be conservative, but have more in common with Democrats, to form a “center-left” collation to pass legislation much like European legislative bodies do with multiple parties join together into voting blocks. This would allow a true separation of the candidates and the ability of the average voter to distinguish between a real conservative like Ron Paul and a phony conservative like John Boehner.

The evidence since 1947 is overwhelming that taxing the rich does not balance the budget. What is overwhelmingly clear is that spending less DOES balance the budget and creates good economic conditions for job and tax collection growth.

Why is this so important?

Our nation has entered into the last stages of fascism. Both parties have supported this path since Hoover and FDR of the 1930s, both parties are guilty. The only way to avoid a repeat of Germany 1933-45 is to go all out to defeat fascism here in America by any means necessary.

That means renouncing the programs that transfer power to the federal government such as social security, Medicare, education, transportation, and banking regulations, everything that allows centralized planning needs to be opposed. This means conservatives have to stop giving capitalism lip service and embrace the free enterprise system.

We need to understand government produces nothing; they can only create poverty, death, and destruction.

Mathematically that would read: GDP = Consumption + Investment – Government spending + (Exports – Imports) or Y = C + I – G + NX.

Government is legalized theft, nothing more.

Honorable people and societies do not glorify theft, they punish it.

Let’s hypothetically pretend what the worst case scenario is:

China will surpass the USA in GDP in the next five to 10 years.

Russia has never sided with the USA since WWII, why would they change if there was a confrontation between the USA and China?

How hard would it be for China and Russia to get twice defeated Germany to switch alliances and align against the USA?

The Republican Party has become the Washington Generals of the political world. They win political battles every two or three decades and only by chance.

France, never a reliable friend of the USA.

It is not impossible that the European countries would find that they have more in common with the future economic powers in Asia and Russia with its vast energy resources than with the economically fading USA?

Europeans and the rest of the world are acutely aware that the USA’s share of the world GDP has shrunk from 31% in 2000 to 21% today. What will that share, and power, be in 2020?

Printing and borrowing money results in consumption, not investment and production.

What will China, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, and India’s (BRICS nations) share of the world GDP be in 2020?

Would the Middle East Islamic countries find more in common with the Asian economic powers and Europe once the petrodollar is replaced with real money, gold or silver?

Ask yourself if you are a Middle Eastern oil exporting country would you secretly desire dollars that are being devalued by the Federal Reserve or gold which has held its value for centuries?

If China, Russia, and Germany offered the chance to get silver or gold for your oil would you take it?

Most Americans cannot imagine the world changing so radically but things can change very quickly. With the Federal Reserve more concerned with bailing out member banks and cleaning up surplus housing stock there is little attention being focused on the unintended consequences of those actions that devalue the dollar and open the door for the demise of the dollar, and the nation.

America is bogged down in political stupidity. So was Germany from 1933 to 1939 before WWII. Hitler did not build his utopia overnight, neither has Obama. It took Hitler six years before he was ready to conquer the world, Obama is in year four.

Conservatives need to understand the signs of fascism and fight it. Here are the signs of fascism according to Lew Rockwell, truly one of the great economic thinkers alive today.

Two of the great economic thinkers of the 20th century, Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell. Lew Rockwell produces the Lew Rockwell show daily at

1. The government is totalitarian because it acknowledges no restraint upon its powers.

Obama is already exercising unprecedented power signing a record number of executive orders, 145 at last count, 290 for Bush, compared to one for Nixon and three for Ford. The executive branch certainly is not respecting rule of law, only making the laws as they see fit.

2. Government is a de facto dictatorship based on the leadership principle.

The best example of this is the complete lack of independence displayed by the Supreme Court in the Obamacare decision. Rumor was there were five votes to overturn Obamacare. The White House simply pressured someone somewhere to get Justice Roberts to change his vote and Obamacare was upheld. Something as blatantly unconstitutional as forcing people to buy a product upheld in the highest court in the land because of the whims of the dictator. Shameful.

3. Government administers a capitalist system with an immense bureaucracy.

Over the past three years, the bound edition of the Code of Federal Regulations has increased by 11,327 pages – a 7.4 percent increase from Jan. 1, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2011. In 2009, the increase in the number of pages was the most over the last decade – 3.4 percent or 5,359 pages.

Bureaucrats love controlling other people with oligopolies and regulations. It is much easier to control three or four companies than it is thousands with rules and regulations. In return for this central command and control from the bureaucrats the oligopolies receive special legislation that reduces or eliminates the competition. Dodd-Frank and Obamacare are textbook examples of fascism.

4. Producers are organized into cartels in the way of syndicalism.

When people think of cartels they think of the OPEC oil cartel. Most due to lack of economic understanding fail to realize the most successful cartels are in the United States of America and have been around for a century. We are not a capitalist country.

The first successful cartel was the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve established in 1913. Hoover organized the farming cartel, the USDA, FDR unions, Bush pharmaceuticals, Obama more banking consolidation with Dodd-Frank, Obama health care insurance cartels with Obamacare, and the list is endless. We are not a capitalist nation and have not been since 1912.

Basically every piece of legislation that passes congress written by industry is a way to enhance the power of the selected few industry leaders and punish the lesser competitors. If we had a honest press this would be reported to the people, but alas the main stream media is owned by the select 0.01% with access to the financing and power.

5. Economic planning is based on the principle of autarky.

Autarky is defined as a nation or entity that is self-sufficient. Autarky is achieved when an entity, such as a political state, is self-sufficient and exists without external aid.

The reason this is important for Hitler or Obama is the military state must have resources to support militarism. If we need oil we invade oil producing countries to get it. Control of resources and a self sustaining economy are the goals of any fascist nation, not free trade.

6. Government sustains economic life through spending and borrowing.

In 2009 is when we went from big government to fascism. Prior to 2009 the most the federal government consumed, post WWII, was 23.5% of the GDP with a budget deficit of 6.0% in 1984 under Reagan. That number was reduced to 18.2% with a budget surplus of 2.4% of the GDP in 2000. In 2009 the USA officially joined the ranks of fascist governments by spending 25.2% of its GDP on the federal government with a budget deficit of 10.1% of the GDP, in peacetime. Since 2009 we have spent 24.1%, 24.1% and 24.3% of the GDP on federal budgets. With more social programs set to go forward in 2013 and 2014 the spending will increased and so will the budget deficits.

In the 67 years since WWII there is absolutely no evidence increased tax hikes will bring in more revenue as a percentage of the GDP. Tax hikes are used to get political concessions and power. Personal tax collection records are used to follow who is making what money. Hitler used this information to confiscate wealth from the Jews in the 1930s, enabling him to finance upwards of a third of his war machine with the stolen wealth of Jews.

No matter what the fiscal cliff negotiations turn out to be the federal government will continue to destroy economic activity with huge budget deficits and spending. With higher tax rates there will be less economic activity and less revenue collected. The only way to reverse budget shortfalls is to cut spending or steal more wealth like Hitler did.

7. Militarism is a mainstay of government spending.

To quote Lew Rockwell:

“Have you ever noticed that the military budget is never seriously discussed in policy debates? The US spends more than most of the rest of the world combined.

And yet to hear our leaders talk, the US is just a tiny commercial republic that wants peace but is constantly under threat from the world. They would have us believe that we all stand naked and vulnerable. The whole thing is a ghastly lie. The US is a global military empire and the main threat to peace around the world today.

To visualize US military spending as compared with other countries is truly shocking. One bar chart you can easily look up shows the US trillion-dollar-plus military budget as a skyscraper surrounded by tiny huts. As for the next highest spender, China spends 1/10th as much as the US.”

8. Military spending has imperialist aims.

Grenada, Nicaragua, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan, Libya, and untold silent CIA adventures.

What is it for?



Oil and the maintenance of the petrodollar as the worlds reserve currency?

We are a fascist nation.

It took Hitler six years to get Germany completely under his control.

Conservatives who believe in limited government need to understand we are at the 1935-37 Germany stage of fascism. It is not too late to change the course of history but time is quickly running out. The new tax hikes will further cripple the economy, more people will drop out of the workforce and become dependent on government, and the money bubble is entering the fifth year, historically the fifth year of monetary expansion, or in our case a monetary explosion, is not a good year, 1720, 1929, 2007. The time for half measures are over.

Think about if you were a parent in 1936 Germany and you could see into the future. In less than 10 years your country would be destroyed, your children dead on the battlefield or gang raped in brutal conditions by a foreign army, millions of your neighbors incinerated in bombing raids…what would you do?

This is the direction America is taking under this leadership, it can and will happen if we do not change course.

China is not our friend. Russia never was our friend. We have fought two wars against the twice defeated Germans. France has never been a reliable strategic partner.

When the petrodollar is replaced with gold or silver things could get very ugly for the USA…fast!

The first step in backing off of our road to fascism is to separate the pretend conservative politicians from conservative politicians. If that means losing power against the Democrats then so be it. If that means a “Tea Party” third party then that is what is needed. Whatever it takes.

The Washington General act is getting old, time for a change.

We the 40% need real representation in Washington, not the Washington Generals, who put up a pretend fight against the Democrats with the result being a loss every time. We need politicians who understand the road to serfdom and are willing to fight against it. We need victories by any means possible. We need leaders. Enough excuses, fight the fight or get out of the way.


What is so terrible if there is no budget deal?

Let the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts go into effect. The key phrase being “automatic spending cuts.”

Why do we need to extend the debt ceiling?

The federal government collects $2.7 trillion in taxes, is this not enough to run a national government?

Why do we need to borrow, tax, or print another $1 trillion to pay who?

Why can’t the people receiving federal money sacrifice?

Why are the producers always asked to sacrifice?

If the economy implodes because of fiscal discipline imposed at the federal level then implosion came a few months early, let it implode, get it over with. It’s not the job of the federal government and Federal Reserve to “save” the economy. Central planning, USSR, communist China, Europe, always fails. The federal government will never save the economy, it can only tax, borrow, or get the Federal Reserve to print money. Only capitalism puts food on the table. The federal government produces nothing.

1936 Fascist Germany. That is where the USA is today.

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