August 2013
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Monique Davis “suspicions” that Chicago police are gunning down black children.

Bill O’Reilly has a new mission that he has been pushing now for about a week.

He has come down hard on the “Poverty Pimps” Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.

O’Reilly questions what are these so called “black leaders” doing other than simply rant, rave, snivel and whine over the downtrodden black youth?

The answer is NOTHING positive!

It does not take rocket science to realize that O’Reilly is correct.
Without proper family, education, speech or dress these young people do not have a snowflakes chance in hell of rising above the “slave to less than” existence that is subliminally being promoted by these self agenda driven “Poverty Pimps”?

I heard Glenn Beck call these “slave promoters” “poverty pimps” today and there is not a term that fits the situation better IMO.

Yesterday IL State Rep. Monique Davis, crashed and burned when she stupidly decided to debate O’Reilly over her outrageous local radio comments about “suspicions” that Chicago police are gunning down black children.

Clearly this woman is a full blown nut case with an IQ of 50 or less and should be removed from office immediately.

Here is the O’Reilly – Davis segment:

2 Responses to Monique Davis “suspicions” that Chicago police are gunning down black children.

  • She should join up with the racist’s to Amerika, al sharpton and jesse jackson, they are all LIARS, and most corrupt, but isn’t that who they allow into politics, people without morals and are mentally unstable!!
    Those who will murder their own mothers, brothers and lovers!Listening to her speak reveals he mental instability! hey monique go back to hell!

  • Yes from the Twana Brawley case on … Sharpton showed his crooked colors.

    Jackson was a little more devious.

    Only the severely stupid are conned by these 2.
    So apparently THEY DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS SLAVES by choice

    The pity of it all is everything Martin Luther King tried to do and did is slowly being eroded by the likes of these half-wits with the help of much of the black community. Talk about “wannabe slaves” that have been standing in line to truly be slaves … what a frigging pity!

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