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Select Committee on Benghazi on a Witch Hunt?

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearing 2015Well if they were … under almost insurmountable odds THEY FOUND their WITCH!

I took the day to watch almost the whole hearing.
Almost immediately evident was the 2 sides.
Paid for or genuine? … hard to tell.
Groveling, bowing and scraping?

Democrats were Elijah Cummings (MD 07), Adam Smith (WA-09), Adam Schiff (CA-28), Linda Sanchez (CA-38).

Schiff and Sanchez the typical low intellect politicians elected by an even lower intellect group of California voters. A good example of why California is on a fast track of economic disaster.

The last member on the Democratic side was Tammy Duckworth (IL-08) who UNLIKE HER COMPADRES was respectful looking toward improvement in the system.

The Republican side did a good job at holding Clinton’s feet to the fire. Like expected Clinton continued to insist SHE WAS NOT responsible for anything.

The outcome was clear.
Hillary Clinton was getting paid to be Secretary of State. While Benghazi was being over run she was like Nero … fiddling while the compound burned.

She claims to know Benghazi was a dangerous place but still ignored requests for reinforcements hundreds of times. She claims she was so busy doing business it was actually someone elses responsibility to send reinforcements.

What was most clear is Hillary Clinton was an uninvolved, disastrously unsuccessful Secretary of State where Benghazi is concerned.
Clearly Hillary Clinton IS NO LEADER.

To top that off she was caught in her own video lie.
Those darn emails that she tried so hard to destroy.
She admitted to her daughter and the head of Egypt the attacks were terrorist.
Clearly Hillary Clinton IS A LIAR.
After all she has learned from the best … her husband Bill and Barack Obama.

So why lie?
Why the cover-up?
Could it be to save Obama from being bounced in the 2012 election?
Or something even more sinister like brokering a gun deal with the enemy?

Video Testimony:

Whole Hearing:

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