February 2016
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Donald Trump Handily WINS South Carolina

Donald Trump South Carolina
As expected Donald Trump ran away with THE WIN in South Carolina.

Apparently what does not seem so expected is how handy he is at beating down the media pundits.

I heard that Mike Wallace was going to have Trump on his program Sunday so I recorded it just in case I could not find the interview already done by someone else on Youtube.

The more I see of Trump the more I am convinced he can handle not only the media but anyone else he might have to HANDLE while running our GOVERNMENT BUSINESS.

Yes the government has become a giant business.
NONE OF OUR esteemed leaders today have the ability to manage a “Mickey D happy meal” much less the government business.

Has anyone stopped to think these guys would be jobless if they were not sucking up a government salary?

Here is that Fox News Sunday interview.

Wallace asked some good questions.
The DONALD gave great answers.

Then Wallace gets stuck on “WHERE ARE YOUR TAX RETURNS”?
At the onset I did not find that bothersome.
As Wallace went on and on about “TAX RETURNS?” … I began to think WHO THE FRACK CARES?

Am I as a voter suppose to care how much Donald Trump makes in a year?
Well if I am I DON’T!
What exactly is the point Wallace is trying to make AND WHY?

Is there something in “THE CONSTITUTION” that requires a man be poor or rich in order to run for President?

Need the “Mike Wallace” of the media need be reminded that being a “natural born citizen”, 35 years of age and be a resident living in the United States for 14 years … IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRE?.

Does Donald Trump meet these requirements?
That would be a resounding YES!

Do Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz meet these requirements?
That would be a resounding NO!

Do I see Mike Wallace or anyone for that matter questioning Rubio or Cruz about eligibility?

That would be a resounding NO!

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