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I Hate Windows 10!

Windows10 LogoI HATE WINDOWS 10

Shame on me … I know better but instead I fell for the FREE WINDOWS upgrade con.

What a rip off … I should have known when Microsoft offered it FOR FREE IT SUCKED!

All of my beautiful desktop work POOF gone in a nano second.
On installing the upgrade … the “you can reverse this install” was just like the Obama “if you like your insurance you can keep it” … A LIE!

When I realized the giant mistake with my monitors going dead in about 6 minutes of inactivity, all of my desktop artwork gone, absolutly NOTHING where it use to be and facing a giant learning curve to figure it out? It was time to go back.


It is the newest most powerful laptop I own though not the most used … THANK GOD!

Thank heaven I only installed this sucky upgrade on that one of my 4 computers.

It would have been a total disaster had it been installed on this laptop that I use daily hooked to my 52″ TV.

Thank heaven I tried it out before I trundled off and installed this CRAP OPERATING SYSTEM on the other 3 … which would be my normal behavior.

The WOW THIS IS SO SIMPLE and I am on a roll here so why not do all of them at one time.

It does remind me that there is indeed someone SOMEWHERE looking out for me.

I avoided a disaster that would have taken me a week or so to correct.

AdBlock Ultimate
That brings me to another problem I have been facing for some time.

As someone who has been designing websites for close to 20 years now it is increasingly apparent that blogs are cropping up filled with advertisements.

Personally I come onto a website for information not to be overwhelmed with product that I have no intention of buying EVER.

Bloggers who jump on the bandwagon filling the internet with valuable information. At the same time “some fool” told them they can make BIG MONEY by adding a bazillion advertisements to the sidebars of their blogs. All of them moving, all of them opening at one time, all of them needing shockwave etc.

The result? The information you are searching for comes to a screeching crawl or crash of your browser.

I have noticed this mostly on food blog websites. But Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has the issue as does Breitbart and a few others. Do notice Amazon, Target, Walmart and the biggies have bothered to hire designers who know how to advertise without making a website a mucked up mess.

Well today I ran into THE FIX. Like most things in my life quite by accident. Why? since I was not searching for it … but apparently a little gift from the “gods of a less stressed life” decided to smile upon me for the day.

THIS WONDERFUL FIX is called “AdBlock Ultimate” and it is FREE.
It is a plug-in I installed in Firefox.
As a designer and artist I like the FIREFOX browser best.

I have always been a great fan of pretty websites and if that is what you are looking for then Firefox does it best.

I just went to 3 of these offending websites … Breitbart being one of them and voilà I actually scrolled through the whole days worth in under a minute. I only had to pick and choose what I WANTED TO READ without all of that unwanted junk.

My normal Breitbart visit means I quickly copy the article and paste it into a openoffice document before I get a stall and windows error telling me my Shockwave is busy or a script error on the page has occurred do I want to debug it?
That is a designer job not a visitor job.

I am so thrilled with this little plug-in I WILL RETURN to these guys and give them a donation for their effort …. YESSSSSS!

It is a good day! 😉

4 Responses to I Hate Windows 10!

  • Oh, the memories. I feel your pain, CT. When I made that mistake, I didn’t have a backup Windows machine, only a couple of iPads and my iPhone. I got so frustrated that I bought a new laptop to get back in business. It came with Windows 10 already installed, and worked well. I eventually had to do an OS wipe and clean install of Windows 10, to get the old one working again. I didn’t lose any files; but like you say it was a learning curve to get used to it. After a few automatic updates, Windows 10 is now remarkably stable, and I actually like it.

    My relationship with Windows was always a love/hate affair. I hated it from the beginning, because back then in the ’80s, I was a DOS expert, and could get to the programs and files I wanted quicker with my keyboard than messing around with that newfangled mouse and the GUI. I eschewed it for as long as I could; but eventually realized that if I did not learn Windows, I was going to be left hopelessly behind in the rapidly changing world of personal computers. For the past 25 years or so, I have always upgraded to the latest version soon after it was released, and accepted the learning curve as a necessity to stay abreast of technology.

    I too use Firefox and have been using Adblock Plus for years. I was not aware of the new Adblock Ultimate version, so I just installed it. Thanks. It seems that the main difference is that Ultimate has no whitelist, which is fine with me. Art is not my thing, I use the internet to access text – my beloved words – and until recently, when my cable access went up to 60+ megs, graphics only slowed down my access. Every increase in speed from my first 300 baud modem, seems to be quickly absorbed by the insufferable artists, so tools like Adblock are a godsend.

    You will find it quite useful. One of the features I use fairly often, is its ability to block any image, whether it is an ad or not. As an example, I hope it does not offend you, but your header image here, while elegant, used to get in my way. When visiting or reloading your site, I always had to page down to get past the header, to see if there was any new content. All I had to do was [right-click] on the image, and at the bottom of the context menu is the option to have Adblock block that image. Poof… now and forever (unless I reverse it), your latest article is always at the top, right under your menu. Now, if there was a way to rearrange your widgets to put the ‘Recent Comments’ on top, checking for new content here could be quick and painless… 😀

    A couple of other Firefox add-ons I highly recommend, are NoScript and Ghostery. For taking control of the experience of visiting ‘busy’ websites like Blaze or Breitbart, I wouldn’t want to be without either of them.

    Finally, I have a remedy for your finding a need to copy and paste an article into a word processor to read it. Next time, just select the ‘open book’ icon on the right side of the address bar. You will love what happens! If you actually want a local copy of it, a [ctrl-A] followed by a [ctrl-C] will put the whole thing in your clipboard. Otherwise, just read it right there, without all of the distracting bells, whistles, and ‘next page’ falderal.

    Even more elegant, notice the icons on the left in this reader view. The top one returns to the original site view. The second one allows you to adjust the text font, size, and background color (I prefer sepia). The third one is the shield with a chevron, which is the ‘Save to Pocket’ option. Go to to find out what it is all about. Although I have been a Premium member for years, because they save all my articles forever, you can get a free account. Do sign up and try it out. Here is an example of this post on your own blog:

    One final tip, and I will shut up! When you see a link you think you might like to read – say on Drudge for example – instead of opening it now, [right-click] the link and select ‘Save to Pocket’ in the context menu. Voila… next time you open your Pocket list, the article itself will be there, and you never had to visit the website at all!

    I hope you enjoy these elegant tools as much as I do. 😉 ◄Dave►

  • Thank you for rearranging the widgets, CT! Much better… 😀 ◄Dave►

  • Hi Dave,

    I am not offended at all about the header image … as a matter of fact I have though of doing this site over and removing that image. 7 years is a long image life. There are a number of things I no longer like about the design of this site but I seem to be seriously short of time.

    Not sure if it is time flies faster the older I get or if indeed there are more issues that need attention YESTERDAY.

    Recent comments is a snap and you are right about that too. I was thinking about what happens when I visit to check how things look. There are so many responsive devices out there now a redo is harder than it use to be 😉

    Lo and behold I did have the Pockets but apparently forgot about it.
    Am looking into it now too. Grabbed the other 2 you recommend also … THANK YOU!

    Will have to figure out how they work tomorrow since my brain seems fried right now … lol

    BTW I love the little open book think that is SO COOL I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!

  • You are welcome … next I have to fix the code on these comments. I must have missed putting in the breaks the last time I worked on it. Seems they were fine a couple of years ago and now everything is pushed together.

    The list of documents to fix things gets longer and longer with each new upgrade.
    Think I started out with no more than 5 and now there are about 20 it seems 😳

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