March 2016
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Mitt “the mouse” Romney NOW FLEXES MUSCLE?

OMG! have to leave the political scene for one day and all HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Let us not forget Mitt Romney has big questions about his eligibility also. My final thoughts on the Romney eligibility situation.
You will have to make that judgment call yourselves just in case the WHY THIS ROMNEY OUTBURST? indicates he wants to jump into the race.

Mitt “the mouse” Romney now thinks he is a lion?
Where was this display against Barack Obama?

Somehow at this late date Romney thinks Trump is worse than OBAMA? Well thank heaven he lost the election because that goes to show what a crap replacement he would have been.

Because of the Romney loss “we the people” have had a chance to really reach the boiling point with the whole government both sides of the isle.

Take all of these Romney adjectives and place them squarely at the feet of the Democrats and Republicans and you JUST MIGHT REALIZE why we have a Donald Trump rise TODAY.

My daddy use to say “if you can’t find someone to do a GREAT JOB do it yourself”.

Does anyone else get that impression from Donald Trump?
Who better to run that gauntlet than someone who is DRIVEN TO WIN at the core and is determined to DO IT BETTER?

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