June 2016
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Recall Effort Launched Against Judge Aaron Persky

Judge Aaron Persky
Anyone who frequents this blog most likely knows my stance on RAPE.
For those who do not it is simple and straight forward.

If convicted of rape the perpetrator needs to be castrated.

Since in this day of rehabilitation instead of punishment the next best thing we can do is give these offenders a stiff punishment.

If judges do not HAVE THE BALLS to mete out these stiff sentences then “WE THE PEOPLE” can take over and recall them for dereliction of duty.

So here ya go and here is the NBC story.

A move is underway to oust the California judge who sparked outrage after he sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer to just six months in jail for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a campus frat party.

The sentence Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky imposed on Brock Turner, 20, has been blasted by the victim and called a “slap on the wrist” by the San Jose Mercury News

And critics like Stanford law professor Michele Dauber said she can’t fathom what Persky, a former Santa Clara County prosecutor who specialized in going after violent sexual predators, was thinking.
The rest of the story …

You can sign the petition HERE

4 Responses to Recall Effort Launched Against Judge Aaron Persky

  • I appreciate your sincerity, and actually wholeheartedly concur with your straightforward “stance on RAPE,” so please forgive me for experiencing a chuckle amid the unpleasant discussion of stiff things, balls, and castration. Let me explain:

    The Stanford campus lies on the border between the two California cities of Palo Alto and Menlo Park. About 45 years ago, I was a peace officer in Menlo Park, when about once a month we would get a report from a little old lady that she had been raped, by a rather polite, nonviolent, college-aged kid, whom we assumed was probably a Stanford student. Most victims were in their 70’s and the youngest was 62-years-old.

    Taking the report with a straight face could sometimes be problematical, because many of the victims had a twinkle in their eye, and often seemed more grateful than angry. We mused over our donuts that there were probably a lot more victims, who did not bother to report the crime, in hopes that he might return. We never did catch him, and the reports stopped after graduation that year. 😀 ◄Dave►

    • Oh my goodness I don’t know whether to laugh or be aghast that the rapist escaped without being caught.

      When I was robbed here in my home people would say “you were lucky you were not raped” … my response was always are you kidding I was lucky I was not shot or stabbed.

      One can survive rape … dead not so much.

      When you have a black dude who has grabbed you from behind with a gun to your head and his other arm wrapped around your waist holding a rusty looking buck knife … rape is not the first thing on your mind.

      I vividly remember thinking to myself (after the holy shit this is not good) … what hunter would have such a crappy looking knife?

      What stupid stuff goes through ones mind in a crisis … actually everything was like in slow motion and I was too shocked then pissed to be afraid and somehow I knew I would be all right. And I was :)

  • Here is some interesting Judicial Karma. 😉 ◄Dave►

    • Wow that is interesting.
      What is interesting about all of this Trump phenomenon is he is rallying the people into taking back their own citizen power.

      It makes clear how the power mongers little by little dumbed down the sheeple into believing THEY WERE AND STILL ARE THE BOSS.

      How utterly fascinating.

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