October 2016
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Daily Archives: October 2, 2016

New York Times Publishes Donald Trump’s Tax Records

I am almost stunned into silence over the main stream media stupidity daily.
First of all who cares about Donald Trump’s Taxes? Apparently the New York Times does to publish them illegally.

Holy crap now they have been published and Hillary has nothing to bitch about going forward?

So he lost a billion dollars in one year?
If he lost a billion that he had ALREADY PAID TAXES ON … did the government refund those taxes immediately? OH NO HE WOULD HAVE TO RECOVER THEM OVER THE NEXT BUNCHES OF YEARS.

If in truth Trump has been audited every year for the past 10 apparently his taxes are both up to date and OKAY. Or is that too complicated for these fools to grasp?

When were Bill and Hill last audited?
Just wondering!

Stefan Molyneux discusses the topic in the video below.

Will The Real Alicia Machado Please Stand Up

Since the presidential debate, Hillary Clinton surrogate Miss Universe Alicia Machado has been the focus of media attacks against Donald Trump over claims of “fat shaming.”

Honestly I wonder why the Alicia Machado’s of the world are fool enough to allow themselves to be dragged into the middle of this negativity by the crooked Clinton’s.

With all of the modern technology today do they think the truth will not be discovered and published making them public fools?

Charles C. Johnson from Got News joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss what went on with the Clinton campaign and Alicia Machado.

More information on the tangled Alicia Machado story … MORE CLINTON PAY FOR PLAY perhaps?