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Daily Archives: October 11, 2016

Hillary’s Parkinson’s Can’t Hide – Even at the Debate

Sick Hillary Clinton still displays her Parkinson’s signs no matter how doped up and covered up her campaign tries to make it all.

More from Dr. Ted Noel of Youtube Webtech Vidzette.
Dr. Noel has been following the Hillary Clinton campaign videos and covering her Parkinson’s episodes.

Here are the 2 latest videos he offers:
NBC Broadcast False Report From Hill Force One

Alt-Right the Trump Ground Game

Of late the word alt-right has been cropping up in the “terrified political establishment”.

To the average lay citizen what does alt-right mean?
In simple terms it is the BREXIT of the USA.

The young uber-smart educated “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR PC CONTROLLING BULLSHIT” crowd who is willing to break the GOP/DNC gold standard of incompetence at all cost.

Yes I said BULLSHIT … because the alt-right is not afraid of words like BULLSHIT, PUSSY, AND FUCK YOU!

In fact they were teethed on the likes.

So the feigned outrage by the Megyn Kelly’s of the world are as out of touch as a 4 year old, liars or a dumb as stumps.

In any case NO ONE who wants to be in “the reality” know should pay attention to them.

Who are a few of these young renegades?
Stefen Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Charles C. Johnson,
Milo Yiannopoulos, and Scott Adams to name just a few.

These POLITICAL SHAKERS each have thousands to millions of followers on twitter, facebook, personal blogs and the like.

Why do you think our traitorous political leaders want to turn our internet over to the UNITED NATIONS?


Have you ever faced the reality of those who control your speech CONTROL YOU? These kids are beating the establishment soundly around the head and ears with FACTS that circle the globe in a millisecond.

What the Political Establishment has failed to recognize is they lost the political battle when Donald Trump stood before the public and announced he was going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Anarchists who had vowed TO NEVER SUPPORT a political candidate again are now supporting Trump.

Because he is probably THE ONLY person who can not be bought and paid for by the corrupt political special interest groups.

What do you think is going to happen as these uber-smart alt-right renegades who have already been and will continue until election day to ramp up their followers to vote for Trump?

Do you think they are going to insist crooked Bill and SICK Hillary be prosecuted for their crimes next?

So for the GOP WHO ARE NOT on the Trump Train?
Expect your asses to be booted out of office for being TRAITORS to the PEOPLES Trump Movement.

Here is one tiny example of what Mike Cernovich and the alt-right already has in motion.

Mike Carnovich open letter to the GOP

Thanks for the letter tip Dave :)

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

The story of Nikola Tesla has always fascinated me. Especially when I was old enough to realize there is always an evil in the world that wants to stomp all over something that is good.

Again here is the great story telling of Glenn Beck this time about the struggle of Nikola Tesla and his beyond genius inventors mind.

Tokyo Rose

As a very young child my father raised my brother and I with bed time stories. Every night at bedtime we were tucked in with him reading or telling us a story. Some individuals are GIFTED with that ability.

Glenn Beck has that ability.
I do not listen to him much any more after his rabid attacks against Donald Trump and further his rabid support of the “ineligible Ted Cruz” for President Campaign that he launched.

Toykio Rose  Iva ToguriThat being said one of the things I best liked about Beck was his ability to tell a story. Also he seemed to have the ability to research a subject and hone in on details unknown to the mass.

Tonight as I was sorting through my email something caught my eye that led me to Glenn Becks page and this video.

Of course as a child in the midst of WWII I was more than familiar with the famous Tokyo Rose. I had heard rumors through the years that somehow she was not the monster that everyone thought she was … but had no interest in ferreting out the facts.

It appears the history buff and collector of memorabilia Glenn Beck did this piece to set the record straight.

It was nice to get off the politics of today and travel back some 70 years to find out we had the same corrupt, manipulating, lying forces in politics and media back then too.

Hopefully you will enjoy this piece of history as much as I did. 😉