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Daily Archives: October 12, 2016

The Truth About The Donald Trump Controversy

Oh my things are happening so fast it is getting hard to keep up. I really hate my pieces to step all over one another in one day but right now it is feast or famine.

So I will fall back on my old philosophy pick the cherries when they are ripe.

Since we are in a critical election period where this nation will either succumb to a totally corrupt to the core political system or we will all step out and vote for THE WRECKING BALL Donald Trump.

For those of you who have followed this blog for a while now you know my stance on this TRAITOROUS CORRUPTION.

We need a gallows in the Rose Garden and a start at the top. Since that is probably way way wishful thinking I would settle for an orange and white striped designer jumpsuit for Hillary Clinton and Castration for the perverted Billy Boy. Does the statue of limitation run out on RAPE?

Anyway here is the latest Stephen Molyneux rundown of facts on the latest Trump controversy.

What TRUMP Said VS What IS

I made a comment on Outlaw Morgans video in response to a couple of Clinton “useful idiot” twits and much to my surprise I found a bright young woman who also responded those those 2.

She has a Youtube channel like Outlaw.

Here is her video and the research she has on the Trump speech leaks.
Nice to see we are gathering momentum as the Clinton DEPLORABLES with brains.

That has to be a sad shock for SICK HILLARY AND PERVERT BILL.

The Liberal/Progressive Mindset Functions on Lies ONLY

Long ago Dr. Lyle Rossiter authored a book called, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.”

If one takes the time to read his book and then relate to any discussion you might personally have had with a liberal/progressive you will soon realize these usually educated individuals are indeed “non thinking followers” … once programmed logic no longer computes.

The Russian KGB long ago cultivated them as their “useful idiots” good for one thing and one task. Task over? Dead “useful idiot”. PERIOD END OF STORY!

For those who doubt any of this look up the KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov and listen to his lengthy discussion on the subject of these fools.

Here is the typical dialog with a “useful idiot” from Outlaw Morgan.
Mind bending truth unfortunately … ROFL