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Daily Archives: October 29, 2016

Hillary Voters Attack Homeless Black Woman For Supporting Trump

Yesterday I read a piece where David A. French talked about the price his family paid for opposing Donald Trump.

“I saw images of my daughter’s face [an Ethiopian girl French adopted] in gas chambers, with a smiling Trump in a Nazi uniform preparing to press a button and kill her,” French writes. “I saw her face photo-shopped into images of slaves. She was called a ‘niglet’ and a ‘dindu.’”

French a staff writer for for the National Review claims this torrent of abuse was unleashed on he and his family by alt-right fanatics and Trump supporters.
According to French … because he was publicly critical of Trump. Well and his name was leaked as a possible third-party candidate which put him on a Trump supporter “disparaging hit list”.

Personally I find targeting ANY CHILD deplorable NO MATTER WHO THAT CHILD BELONGS TO.

What I find odd is any Trump supporter linking Trump with a Nazi uniform and a button being pressed to kill Frenche’s child.
Does anyone else immediately link THAT PLAYBOOK TACTIC to the HILLARY SUPPORTING LEFT?

How ironic that French is possibly being the target of those he supports.

On the heels of that story comes this one today.
OPPS! … only this one caught on video to immediately go viral on youtube.

As if Hillary Clinton was not having a bad enough couple of days already.

Clinton Supporters Already Accept That Hillary is Corrupt

When one steps back and looks at what is going on with this latest election it is clear the nation is divided.

Not between races but clearly between the ethical/moral and ethically/morally bankrupt.

No more guessing who is who.
Those who openly (or behind closed doors) support her are as corrupt to the core as Hillary herself.

The latest FBI memo that notifies the world CLINTON is again being investigated does not bode well for the Clinton campaign. But how bad is it and will it actually jar anyone considering a vote for Hillary to sanity?
We will soon find out.

So what really happened to Comey in all of this?
Common sense would indicate this man would simply step center stage and destroy his reputation and career … for no reason? Then all of a sudden change his mind and heart?

One would think a thousand more emails could make her look more corrupt than she already is … you know the Hillary that should already be occupying a jail cell?

HOW EXACTLY IS IT OKAY that this corrupt woman is still walking around free when you or I would have been clapped in irons headed for Rikers or Leavenworth immediately?

Is above the law actually acceptable to any average voter with a functioning brain?
One would certainly hope not!