November 2016
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Gone Donna Gone

Since Bill Clinton was impeached for bold face lying to the public and congress. Then was not FORCED OUT OF OFFICE … because he was already too corrupt to shamefully resign.

It was further evident that those in power to bring that about had the “GOOD OLE BOY” mentality that OH WELL BOYS WILL BE BOYS.

Yes boys will be boys but where was the total outrage about LYING?

You got it there was NONE!
At least not enough for the majority of fools who had the power to right the ship right then.
Right the ship by tossing his lying ass out into the street then and there.

Just another show of EXACTLY WHY the public today is supporting Donald J. Trump.

Finally the swamp is so polluted even part of the accepting left are ready to DRAIN IT!

Then along comes wikileaks.
Dribble by dribble they are shedding light on EXACTLY HOW DEEP the DEMOCRATIC CORRUPTION goes.
Just in case you missed it RIGHT TO THE TOP!

If the CORRUPT HILLARY CLINTON were not such a danger to this country … this whole situation which will likely end up with Hillary fleeing the country, in Leavenworth or lethal injection for TREASON … this would actually be FUNNY!

A classic example of the “KARMIC BITCH” exacting her justice that no one ESCAPES in the long run.

The most prized thing in the life of Hillary Clinton was her HOPE OF BECOMING President of the USA.

POOF! Just as she thought she had it in the bag.
GONE IN A NANO SECOND by a small group of hackers who WOULD HAVE HAD A MUCH HARDER TIME collecting all of that data HAD HILLARY herself not shot herself in the foot with a CLANDESTINE HIDDEN SERVER that any 13 year old could get into.

Now wikileaks is busy at taking down all of the Clinton co-conspirators like Donna Brazile.

Who else will end up on the chopping block before this is all over?

Just think how much more Anthony Weiner has to sing about. This panty waist most likely does not want to spend 20 years in the slammer. SO SING BABY SING!

Like I say … Trump must have a guardian angle who is helping him sail into the white house for a GREAT SPRING CLEANING, disinfecting and swamp draining of DC.
Hopefully there is enough HAZMAT to go around.

BTW all of those “we hate Trump” hold outs?
Time for them to be tossed out of public office because anyone choosing Hill FOR ANY REASON over Trump is as CORRUPT and UNPATRIOTIC as Hillary herself. Start with George H. W. Bush … rip away his pension and secret service.

Here is what theronniebuss has to say about Donna Brazile … ENJOY!

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