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Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary by Senate Today

Betsy DeVos ConfirmationVice President Mike Pence delivers the tie breaking vote approving Betsy DeVos the champion for educational choice.

Ms. DeVos — a wealthy donor from Michigan who has devoted much of her life to expanding educational choice through charter schools and vouchers,

The two Republicans who voted against Ms. DeVos’s confirmation, Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Gee do you think these 2 women who should be thrilled that ALL CHILDREN get a better education and ARE NOT need to be replaced as soon as possible.

As a voting citizen I am a little tired of the fools in Washington voting down THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE for their own personal political agenda.

Are these 2 PART OF THE SWAMP that needs to be drained?

Here is what Rush Limbaugh had to say about the crushing defeat of the Democrats on this issue.

Fixing the Raging Berkley “USEFUL IDIOTS”!

How to break the back of RIOTS and their sponsors.

Actually it is quite simple.

1. Treat them as the terrorists they are.

Drag out the “national guard” and start shooting anyone throwing bricks, beating innocent bystanders, looting, destroying or burning the property of others.
2. Start pulling ALL GOVERNMENT FUNDING from those in charge of allowing this to happen.
3. The injured start a class action lawsuit PERSONALLY on those instigating and allowing this to happen.
4. Insurance companies REFUSE TO PAY OFF CLAIMS to rebuild property destroyed by those who caused the damage to their own property.
5. round up, arrest, try, convict, jail for 5 years at Guantanamo (NO TV OR REC ROOMS), with a 10 hour workday chipping granite into gravel with a 50 lb. sledge.

Let’s just see their resolve to continue their NAZI TERRORIST TACTICS.

Is Jerry Brown Willing to Lose 330 BILLION DOLLARS a Year in Grants to Be A Sanctuary State?

Well folks this will be interesting to watch going forward.

Apparently California gets 330 BILLION DOLLARS a year in Federal Grant money. So when Donald Trump IS FORCED by THE FOOLS IN SACRAMENTO to yank that funding from the state because they insist Ca must be a sanctuary state.
Who is going to suffer?

Hey progressive teachers who is going to pay your salary?
Who is going to pay the salaries OF ALL STATE EMPLOYEES?
Who is going to pay the police?

Are you all going to sit idle and let some weepy eyed ideologue wipe out YOUR FAMILY INCOME because they are fools?

Do you think just maybe it is time to start recalling the fools running the state?

Have the citizens of California forgotten they recalled Gray Davis?
It is within THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE to initiate that action again now.

Hold Politicians Personally Accountable Monetarily for Sanctuary City Crimes?

Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams (R)Finally there are a few politicians who are starting to introduce legislation that benefits the people they serve.

In Colorado Springs, State Rep. Dave Williams is introducing “The Colorado Politician Accountability Act”.

Williams wants victims of what he calls “sanctuary city policies” to be able to file lawsuits and lodge criminal complaints against the “lawless politicians” who put the policies in place.

The legislation is aimed at holding officials criminally liable for the “carnage” committed by some immigrants.

Williams was elected to the heavily Republican Colorado House District 15 in November and said:

“I think it’s important that we do all we can to uphold the rule of law and ensure all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, are protected from dangerous policies that are forced on us by radical, out-of-touch politicians who continually sell out to an unlawful agenda that increases the number of criminals, and needless deaths among our fellow citizens.”