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Glenn Beck and Tomi Lahren

I am a fan of Tomi Lahren and have been since I ran into her youtube videos. The 24 year old Constitutional Conservative spitfire was a pleasure to watch.

When Glenn Beck hired her for the Blaze I was glad to watch her show there daily.

I NEVER watch the View but saw her say she was going to be there on that fateful Friday. So I set my DVR so as not to miss her. Woopie did not show up but Joy was there taking the lead for the day. As expected Tomi held her own. I actually loved her comment when asked about her pro-choice stance.

I know this will probably frustrate both lefties and conservatives but in the REAL WORLD a majority of women DON’T WANT ANYONE TELLING THEM WHAT THEY CAN OR CAN NOT DO WITH THEIR BODIES.

Here is the segment:

Well the following Monday low and behold Tomi’s show was suspended.
Apparently for a week.

I saw a tiny clip from Beck at first defending his position for hiring her in the first place. He claims the Blaze values diverse opinion and thought.

Well now maybe not so much.
According to gossip Tomi has been fired and is negotiating a severance deal. Gossip is … part of that deal has to do with her Facebook account and over 4 million subscribers.

So who owns that Facebook account?
What in the heck of value is it to the Blaze?
Without Tomi it is worthless and that makes it appear the Blaze is simply being petty.

Is YouTube Censoring Media?

It appears there is an attack on free speech here on the internet. The latest involves YouTube and their Adsense.
YouTube and Google are a monopoly so they no longer fall into the “privately owned” excuse of “well they can do what they want”.
Can they?

Could the YouTube money paying restructure be collusion with big big business who is more than happy to crowd out the little guys competition?

Perhaps it is time “we the media consumer” considers the new sources?
What would happen if everyone simply dropped google, youtube, twitter, facebook etc?

Let’s all make an educated guess.
They would go broke.

I think THE PEOPLE forget who really holds the power here.

The new kids on the block:
GAB kind of like Twitter

“Gab is a San Mateo, California-based social networking service that allows its users, called Gabbers, to read and write short messages of up to 300 characters called gabs. … Gab describes its mission as “to put people and free speech first” by limiting censorship to filtering options made available to Gabbers.”

Minds An alternitive Social Network similar to Facebook.

“Minds is an open source social networking service, headquartered in New York City. Minds was founded by Bill Ottman, John Ottman and Mark Harding in 2012, and launched to the public in June 2015.

Elements of the global hacktivist collective Anonymous showed initial support for Minds, based on its foundation of transparency and privacy.

Vid.Me is giving youTube a run for its money.

“Vidme is a cross between YouTube and Imgur, and heavily influenced by Reddit. Users can upload videos anonymously and are not forced to register for an account. Videos that are uploaded to the platform are organized into different categories such as gaming, entertainment, and movies that are similar to subreddits. As of December of 2015, Vidme boasts 25 million unique monthly users.

As of the latest YouTube restructure of money paid to creators many are bailing to this new network

Brexit chiefs eye 2-state solution for California — Calexit

Calexit Split Map
So Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, have joined with key Republicans to split the state along liberal versus regular folk lines.

Cut California in two. The break-away isn’t simple talk.

Farage and Banks have already raised about $1 million for Calexit. And their campaign’s being pushed by a conservative pollster, Gerry Gunster, and Scott Baugh, a former Republican state assemblyman.

As a native Californian I would love to see this happen.
The progressives have all but bankrupted and ruined this state … with their open illegal immigration stance and sanctuary city dreams.

There is virtually very little downside to a split California state.
Conservatives would be free to farm as they choose and liberals will be Republican-free with window views that don’t include power lines.

Will it make the referendum rolls?
If Calexit supporters hurry, they can finagle a face-off — and win.
More on the story …


Kyle Chapman is headed back to Berkley and another Trump rally.

For those who do not know Kyle… he is Antifa’s worst nightmare AKA Based Stick Man.

Chapman, the California native and alt-right hero is famous for fighting leftists and other agitators at a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California on March 4.

Wearing a helmet, gas mask, knee pads and heavy clothing, Chapman joined his fellow Golden State freedom-lovers with a Captain America-esque shield and large stick to fight back against the Antifa mob. Following his intervention, the masked, labor union-sympathizing pinkos retreated. Americans tired of Antifa terrorist tactics now regard Chapman a hero.

As you can imagine shortly after a YouTube video of Chapman’s skirmish, was uploaded, the hero quickly turned into an Internet sensation.

Kyle’s invitation below:

His Antifa thrashing video can be viewed HERE.

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