March 2017
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“Vault 7”, Entire Hacking Capacity of the CIA has just been Leaked

This whole Obamagate is getting more bizarre by the moment. It is like watching a very bad B movie where the spies are so stupid you can not stop watching because you expect with time it gets better.

Apparently not in this case.

It has been clear for years that the Obama administration was corrupt.
Now it is equally clear they are also stupid.

Back when I started this blog I predicted in the end the Democrats would turn on Obama. Well if we sit back and wait that is likely to start to unfold shortly.

Who is going to be the fall guy or guys and gals in the end.
Exactly how attractive is a jail cell or possibly a hangman’s noose to some of those just taking orders?

I must admit as serious as this situation is … it is interesting to watch “THE GEMINI GENIUS” lead these fools into a trap of their own making.

The moral of the story is the wise will take President Trump at his word and stay out of his way.

It has been a while since I have seen this “get your opponent off your back” tactic played. Make his world so havoced he has no time to screw up yours.

It looks like these fools are going to be fairly busy keeping their own butts out of the slammer.

Now more from WikiLeaks!

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