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Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

The Syrian Bombing Attack Does Not Add Up

The sequence of events in Syria does not add up.

1. Why would Syrian president Bashar al-Assad all of a sudden when things appeared to be going well for him and his country attack his own people with chemical weapons?

Like him and his behavior or not he does not appear to be stupid.
I am sorry I do not simply buy he thought he could carry on business as usual. Logic would be … back off and let his bad image fade into the background for a few months at least.

2. The Pentagon alerted Russian military counterparts to minimize the risk of conflict before the attack. So who else got warned along with the Russian military … Hillary Clinton perhaps?
And by who?

3. Donald Trump ordered the attacks on Thursday afternoon and Fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles, launched before dawn from warships in the eastern Mediterranean. That was about 7.40pm local time.

So what next?
I doubt seriously Vladimir Putin wants all out war with the US.
Nor do I think Donald Trump wants all out war with Russia, China or anyone else in the middle east.

One thing we all can see is the wrong side of the isle that was against Trump from the start has leaped onto the praise bombs flying bandwagon.

Meanwhile much of the base who voted for Trump because of his “Make America Great Again” stance are ready to jump ship.

One thing that I can see that got accomplished … the Trump and administration collusion with Russia is NOW DEAD IN THE WATER.

What will the progressives and RINOS come up with next?