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The Bill O’Reilly Fox News Saga

Bill O'Reilly FACTORHere we go again with something that does not quite track.

Let me start at the beginning. The minute these “ABUSE ALLEGATIONS” surfaced my first thought was … twice burned?
Not likely.

So my though next was?
Let me guess he called these women (or treated them as if they are) PINHEADS.
Well they probably WERE/ARE!

Personally I am so tired of all of this snively, whiny 3rd wave FEMINIST BS.
Right out of the feminist playbook HIS:
smile = a leer
any compliment = he wants to get me in the sack … yada, yada ad nauseum.

Let’s call a spade a spade these are SNOWFLAKE FOOLS wanting an excuse for their lack of success, wanting to make a quick buck, or worse ruin a career for what?

3rd wavers? You want to be equal in the workforce? Then shut up and quit expecting to be catered to and treated like delicate flowers by everyone else INCLUDING MEN.

Right on the heels of the announcement Glenn Beck sent out a newsletter saying this was a political hit job to simply discredit/silence O’Reilly. The proof Beck presented looked pretty convincing. That being said I decided to sit back and let the truth float to the surface.

O'Reilly Family Meets PopeMeanwhile wondering how long it was going to take for O’Reilly to lawyer up and sue the pants off of some of these whiners.
Apparently no one told them just to defend themselves from a lawsuit of this magnitude would place them financially under the 12th street bridge for the rest of their lives.

Now to O’Reilly the moral of the story?
This is most likely a good thing … IMO. Wonder if that meeting with the Pope was helpful? 😉

Maxine Waters & James Brown same hair stylistO’Reilly is now out from under the thumb of a sponsor. He can actually say the doltish Maxine Waters copied James Brown’s hair style without the SJW’s doing much (but whine & cry) about it.

Time for the media to realize the usually “silent majority” has had enough of the politically correct BS.

So what is next for Bill?
Well according to his last free podcast he is going the way of those OUTSIDE the MSM who actually put Trump in the White house.

He is now in the company of Stefan Molyneaux, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich and all of their compadres who really influence the public today. Especially the thinking Millennials who actually use their brain cells for thinking.

Listen to what Bill had to say in his last free podcast and his plans going forward HERE
His FREE week of Podcasts were actually better than his program IMO … so I will join just to keep up with what he has to say.

So buckle up everyone the MSM FAKE NEWS and this incident (last straw) was the death nell for TV news.
Everyone in the media loses and the sponsors along with them.
If these latest fast growing influential “Internet Broadcasters” snatch THE MSM audience … MSM WILL NEVER GET THEM BACK.

That means BYE, BYE PAYCHECK for so many. 😉

As for Fox News? It certainly will not be the first time a very successful business will be run into the ground by ill equipped kids who take over when parents retire.

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