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CNN the CRAP NEWS NETWORK Exposed 2 Times this Week as Fake News

Apparently the FOOL REPORTERS at the FAKE NEWS NETWORK CNN have broken into full whine about being exposed for exactly what they are. FAKE NEWS REPORTERS as well as liars, cheats and fools.

What usually happens to this kind of person in the long run?
Eventually NO ONE pays attention.

As a lay person I have to wonder how long it will now take CNN to go belly up as their sponsors beat a quick path to the nearest exit? The public has a propensity for withholding their hard earned cash from such advertisers of such paid propaganda.

That would be a shame would it not?

Below are the 2 exposee’s on this latest CNN FAKE NEWS go around.
Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneaux in their own particular style.
Both great so ENJOY!


Paul Joseph Watson is making a mockery of this far left loon.
I hate to keep repeating this over and over but there is no fix for these “useful idiot” loons. They are what they are and will be nothing different no matter how bombarded with COLD HARD FACTS they might be.

I am always reminded that Yuri Bezmenove said the Russian KGB (from which he was a defector) fully understood the only way to solve the problem of the “useful idiot” was to knock them off.

Honestly I am beginning to understand why.
I continue to wonder what is going to happen going forward. When these fools continue to push the “violence line they promote” until someone pops a few of them off.

I would suppose that is where the rubber meets the road and most of these cowardly little wing-nuts will decide quickly if lying dead on the middle of a protest is worth whining about something that IS NOT!

Enjoy Paul’s video

Sh*t Has Hit The Fan Over Comeygate!

Mark Dice, on discusses James Comey shooting himself as well as many of the left in the foot with his astounding testimony.
Talk about putting “lock um up” targets on their backs.

Clearly these fools are so use to running foul of the law it has never occurred to them at some point they would be brought to task over their corrupt behavior.

If there is anything at all positive about these fools they are making it abundantly clear exactly how corrupt they are and what stupid fools they are.