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Daily Archives: June 8, 2017

Jim Comey Tries Covering His Ass Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Jim Comey
This morning I wasted hours of my time listening to a probe of Jim Comey the fired head of the FBI.

There was nothing new to be learned over what we knew yesterday.
Well we did learn that Comey is now among those who deliberately leak information.

Jim Comey clearly feels he is a victim and is now trying to cover his ass and save his reputation.

It was also clear to me why President Trump fired Comey. Comey clearly knew Trump was not involved in ANY RUSSIAN hacking of our election. But still Comey failed to come out and state that fact to the public.

My personal question is why?
I suppose we could all speculate until the cows come home about Comey’s “why”. But the bottom line outcome is Trump got tired of Comey dragging his feet on those FACTS.

I am sorry but Jim Comey is just another who unexpectedly got hammered by his own actions or lack of.

What the public can expect is another week (at least) of the “lame brained pundits” adding their 2 cents about this testimony. And YES the left will continue to whine about this administrations Russian collusion.

My guess is anyone with more than 2 brain cells above moron will simply ignore them all.

Listening one minute is a boring waste of time.

Meanwhile hopefully President Trump will now place his energy on his job ahead and the promises he made to his voting base.


I personally do not watch CNN. Mostly because I do not have time to listen to moronic blather.

I am however glad they are still in business because they are such a great example of how mentally deranged the left is.

Slowly but surely they are working themselves right out of a job, I can only wonder how long it will take for all of their sponsors to drop them.

Here is the latest CNN FAKE NEWS rundown from Mark Dice.

Deep State Leaker Arrested

Unfortunate for this little fool. Reality Winner is likely the first example of someone charged with espionage against the USA in a very long time.

No doubt when the DOJ gets finished with Winner she will have a real reason to hate President Trump.

Of course these radical leftist fools never take responsibility for their own STUPIDITY.

Actually it is time the legal system here in America gets back on its straight and narrow “follow the law” or go directly to jail routine.

Here is what Mark Dice dug up on this “DUMB DORA”. It makes one wonder how fools like this get a security clearance in the first place. Those who granted it to her should be fired immediately.