July 2017
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James O’Keefe, Exposing CNN, Russia With Stefan Molyneaux

For those who are NOT YET tired to the point of exhaustion over the left PLAYING VICTIM over the propaganda they promote daily?
I give you credit for your tenacity.

When you speak to someone it is immediately clear who listens to what and to whom as soon as they open their mouth. I must admit I am shocked at how people who are highly educated have lapsed into total stupidity.

Is it any wonder we live in a dumbed down society today?
The educators appear NOT EDUCATED ENOUGH to pass an 8th grade test from the 1940’s.

I have almost totally given up debate with people who are “too stupid to recognize stupid”.
What is the point?
COLD HARD FACT matters not to them.

I do make an exception where there might be others who can learn something from the debate … those who have no skin in that particular argument. Those who are willing to silently follow the dialog, check out the facts and THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

If the person who thought up “THAT IS NOT PRESIDENTIAL” (and those who parrot the phrase) only knew exactly how ill educated that makes them sound.

Clearly History was not their strong suit or they were flat out napping when American History, our founding fathers and the Constitution were being taught.

What exactly is “presidential behavior” suppose to look like anyway?
What as an average citizen do you want?
Someone who says what they think and thinks what they say? Or someone who looks into your face and is phony?

James O’Keefe has dropped more video in the last week. The media has gone ballistic.
Because they are exposed as the fools that most of us knew they were from the jump.

After-all it is pretty hard to argue against video that is so BLATANTLY CLEAR … even for the most dumb among us.

So instead the MSM continues to cry, shreik, whine and hope everyone who still watches them will hang in there and simply STAY STUPID!

Here is an interesting video between James O’keefe and Stefan Molyneaux discussing the Veritas tapes.

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