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I find it ironic that the LEFTY WINGNUTS continue to whine on and on about the Russians hacking the election.

The Russians on their best day did NOTHING WORSE than the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Clinton’s and more than likely Barack Obama being in COLLUSION against Bernie Sanders.

The also colluding Main Stream Media is on its last legs.
Anyone who still listens to them is on the down side of moronic.
Sorry that is not my opinion it is simply COLD HARD FACT.

Unfortunately these “self imposed morons” are “too stupid to recognize stupid”.

Thankfully they are so blatant in their moronic behavior that even the hardest to convince average busy Joe on the street is catching on.

Daily we watch these “self imposed corrupt morons” pounding one more nail in the lids of their own coffins of failure.

Yesterday Lawyer Jared Beck joined Stefan Molyneux to discuss the the conclusion of the lawsuit and what can be learned from this important process.

Myth of the “Coon”: Black Lives Don’t Matter

I found this young womans YouTube channel yesterday and was amazed by her.
If there is hope for an upswing for the black community it will be because of people like this young woman. She thinks she is making progress and with others like Diamond and Silk they are making a difference.

Slowly I see it happening too.

I will be making a spot for her videos on this website in order to help further her and her cause.

If you want to check out her channel it is called … Red Pill Black

Mob-ocracy: The Legacy of Hussein Obama

I have loved Joe Dan Gorman from the moment I saw him. That is why I post every video he produces when I am able.

From the heartland he tells us what is in his heart and FORTUNATELY that is what is in the heart of every PATRIOTIC PERSON IN THE USA.

Here is what Joe Dan had to say about Barack Obama.


Obama’s Legacy. Marxist Jihad on our history. Flaunting communist symbols….. This is as radical as it gets folks. And it needs to be shut down. But it won’t be for a while…they are a well-funded group. See: Soros

I’m not a big ‘make a new law’ person – but I would absolutely support laws against covering your face at these “riots” that the media laughably calls “protests.”

Frankly that was kind considering the real truth about Obama.

Bottom line is NO ONE ESCAPES the clutches of the KARMIC BITCH. Neither will Obama or the Clinton’s.

All we have to do is listen, watch, and wait.

There is a new moon on the rise! 😉

Aliyson Camerota Scoffed at by Panel on CNN

Well this was refreshing.
Looks like Aliyson Camerota ran headlong into a group of average folks who apparently have about 80 more functioning IQ points than she does.

My oh my … Mark Dice makes me laugh.
He finds great sport in finding and making fun of the fools on CNN.
Today it was Aliyson Camerota’s turn to be scoffed at by part of a panel of everyday folks.

OPPS! wonder who will be on the chopping block for this latest CNN folly?