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Candace Owens and The NFL is Anti American?

More from Candace Owens.
Let me say this again … I LOVE THIS YOUNG WOMAN.

She typifies why I and so many other WHITES supported Martin Luther King back in the day.

These kneeling fools forget without “whitey” they would still be relegated to the back of the bus and separate drinking fountains.

Why did we support King?
The color of your skin did not make you less than.
Oppressors promote “less than” and “useful idiots” help make it happen.

Get up off your knees fools and at least pretend you have the ability to use what little “independent brain power” god may have given you.

Do it before those who made you what you are snatch it from your grasp FOREVER.
That would be the PUBLIC … YOU DOLTS!

The Left and White Supremacist Lunacy

NFL players
I must admit the time I spend listening to the main stream left is less than an hour a week if that much.

Frankly I learned in 2008 if any of these leftist twits were lucky they were born with at least the brain capacity of a gnat. What a waste of on air time!

How odd the words WHITE SUPREMACY have been mostly dormant since John Metzger a 20 year old punk from the White Aryan Resistance … called Roy Innis an “Uncle Tom”.

This occurred on the Geraldo Rivera show in late 1988.

Roy Innis was the national chairman of the Congress for Racial Equality. He stood up towering above Metzger like Goliath over David and began choking him.
It was indeed an entertaining scene.

Immediately Rivera and audience members joined the mêlée. Tossed chairs, punches, and shouting ensued. Rivera ended up with a broken nose.

No one was charged or arrested.
How interesting is that?

Today you can not turn on a television without just about everyone tossing around the phrase “WHITE SUPREMACY”.

Much of this started by a washed up football player named Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick who stupidly finished what was left of his young failing career by choosing to NOT KNEEL for the National Anthem. Today Kaepernick is followed by many other players apparently intent on destroying the goose that lays their own GOLDEN EGGS.

Time will tell how this actually works out for these overpaid mindless dolts.

Albeit an interesting site to behold I must say … ROFL

Paul Joseph Watson ‘Take a Knee’ is Total Bullsh*t

OKAY I have been ignoring this subject mostly because my opinion of football is lower than the bottom of a limbo bar. The game itself, the players and especially the team owners. Anyone CHOOSING to be tackled by a 300 lb Mack Truck with another 3 or 4 piled on is already whacked out of their gourd.
Too late for protective gear!

On the positive side of the coin the game keeps my husband who was a world class athlete himself entertained several nights a week.

So I am well aware of how those who prove themselves to be the best of the best are treated by those who have dollar signs flashing in front of their team ownership eyeballs.

All of that being said what do I care?
Actually I DO NOT!
If these fools want to kneel during the national anthem they have every right to do that. Perhaps they need reminding if it were not for a paying public their job opportunity would be severely LIMITED.

Paul Joseph Watson had a word or two about the situation so I will share it with you all 😉