January 2018
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A Solution

I think the problem is fairly evident.
“We the people” have clearly “been left behind” by the politicians in Washington.
Not only have we “been left behind” but we have had dirt kicked in our faces along the way.

Who are “we the people”?
All of us that are citizens of this USA.
We all should have a voice and be equally heard.
When the majority speaks we need to respectfully listen and follow the group.
Sadly NONE OF THAT is any longer the case.

Our system now consists of a left, right and center.
In reality most of us fall into Republican, Democrat or Independent.
A vast majority are affiliated with one of these groups but are far from satisfied with that union.

That makes us the true CONTROLLING CENTER.
Well at least WE WOULD be if we were united.

“We the citizen” are from all walks of life, a myriad of ethnicities and of different political persuasions.
We are an ECLECTIC MELTING POT (POLITICAL ECLECTICS). Many of us on all sides are NOT HAPPY with the way our elected government officials ignore “our will” on a daily basis.
Many of these elected officials are working for one thing “ME ME ME” … “we the people” are simply stepping stones to that end.

It’s time we wake up and smell the coffee before we “snore off” due to boredom over the morning news or TV.

So what do we do from here?
Let’s start with the presumption: “If you are not a part of the solution you are part of the problem”.

Get involved!
Listen then research for yourself. Form your own opinion.
Why take up the opinion of others as YOUR MANTRA.
You were given a brain at birth.
For heaven sake use it.
If all you were here to achieve in life was to take up someone else’s mantra you would have been born a parrot.
NO ONE respects or listens to a parrot for very long.
Dump the dogma and rhetoric that holds you back from being the very best you can be.

You say you don’t have time to be involved … you know what I hear ya.
My counter is: … well you better make the time.

How and where do we start?
With ourselves.
Can we become clinical thinkers? (Clinical thinker: someone with the ability to observe, analyze, discuss and solve an issue while remaining very objective and devoid of emotion.)
Can we stand side by side no matter what the persuasion and work for a common goal?
I happen to think MOST OF US CAN.
I think we simply forgot how.

We do not have to give up our party affiliation.
We are just going to FORCE them to ROMANCE us for our vote with the understanding we have NOT MARRIED the party.

1. Sign up for a BLOG they are FREE. I happen to like WordPress but there are many other good ones around.
2. Start gathering your own data about what is going on in the world. Think for your self. Start digging into data yourself. There is a lot of propaganda out there so learn to know what is or what is not. Then there is someone else’s opinion. Nothing wrong with that but you know what they say? “opinions are like assholes and everyone has one”.
3. Use your common sense.
4. Join groups promoting your goal. Your voice is just as valid as anyone else around so DO NOT be afraid to use it.
5. NETWORK (link your blog to others and have them link to you.)

It will not take long and this “we the people” thing will start to roll and others will join in.
We can and will do this together.

I AM a clinical thinker … are you a clinical thinker too?

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