January 2018
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We the People of the United States,

in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


This blog has come about out of frustration with what is going on in our government today.
Like much of the nation I sat idle watching our political system move farther and farther from the will of the people. Apparently those that we have allowed to be in charge have little regard for what “we the people” truly care about.

I am a 67 year old grandmother that has been fairly active on internet since 1995. During those years I formed a large internet network that entered the political arena. That particular network was dismantled around 2001. It’s time to start a new network that addresses the will of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

When the governmental BAILOUT was announced and the will of the people was totally ignored … I along with so many others was outraged. It suddenly became crystal clear this was NO LONGER simply a Democrat against Republican problem. It was a corrupt to the core problem on both sides. As I look back on things it started long before the bailout … however I could not figure out what if anything there was I could do about it. I opted for nothing except muttering under my breath at the nightly news.

As a voter early on it was clear the candidate choices were again in my opinion worse and far worse.
On one hand the democratic choice was a wet behind the ears young guy who for much of his adult life aligned himself with somewhat unsavory people which indicated to me he either believed as they did or was simply using them as a political stepping stone. Neither would be what I considered presidential caliber. The other choice was someone who appeared NOT to have the will or strength to fight his way out of a paper bag. As the speeches rolled out and the rhetoric became chiseled in stone my favorite comment became “WE ARE SO SCREWED!”

When Sarah Palin was selected as the McCain running mate I had hope that just maybe “we the people” would see change because the other side that had adopted the “we will change” mantra had attached to that change heavy overtones of socialism. We will take YOUR money and give it to YOU. Nothing will be required of YOU but to continue living on the park bench you registered as your home in order to vote.

Apparently politicians think the mass is incredibly stupid. It did not take long to figure the give away was not going to match the income for the next billion years. We are in hock to our earlobes to China and only God knows who else and who is expected to pay? Well “we the people” of course. Apparently the guys and gals on the hill think we the people failed math, common logic and are totally stupid to boot.

That was the beginning … the first domino fell and the rest have been falling since. The cue of how REALLY serious things are came NOT with the stock market tanked daily … but when the foreign “powers that be” (who for the most part really dislike us) started to wring their hands in despair and decided to gather for a little chat about what should be done about this financial crisis which now threatened to sink them too.

Isn’t it interesting when the “foreign powers that be” start to lose their own dollars or whatever friendship becomes a prime objective YESTERDAY?
I guess “we the people” are not suppose to notice that huh?

After the election and our newly elected president Obama suddenly looking haggard and 10 years older (no doubt getting the real scoop of what it will take to be the President of this USA came as somewhat of a SHOCK) … I began to feel sorry for this “wet behind the ears” young man. After all the “majority” chose him for the job.

I give up! I yield to a higher power that is much smarter than I and figure just maybe “we the people” need to lend our support and hope and pray he does not fail to “watch over us all” properly.

This is the bottom line folks … IF HE SINKS SO DO WE ALL.

So what can be done?
Join together. Work for a more positive America. That means the “good ole boy” system MUST GO.
WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DEMAND … our government representatives do their jobs … represent US!

Join in with this group or others like this group and we will form a network to take our country back.
We need to assist those who cheated us are held accountable.

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