July 2017
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Linda Sarsour = low IQ?

Paul Joseph Watson is calling Linda Sarsour an idiot.
Perhaps not … but clearly her IQ is sub par to the average American inhabitant.
Apparently her mission is to bring others down to her personal level of “stupid” and apparently she is somewhat successful.

Idiot, low IQ? One thing is abundantly clear this woman is nasty to the core.

For those who foolishly follow along?
Those who lie down with dogs get up with fleas.

More Russian BULLSHIT from the LEFTIST FOOLS

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Al Green
These half-witted fools need to be driven out of government office.
If there is a bright side … they are such a blatant display of MORONS IN GOVERNMENT even the most dense among us can clearly see it.

I frankly am so tired of all this “the RUSSIANS did it” so “Impeach Trump” BULLSHIT that when ever the words surface anywhere I switch channels.

In my life I have never seen FOOLS … like the PROGRESSIVE LEFT FOOLS so HELL BENT on self destruction.

What has become very clear in much of this “we hate donald trump” HOOPLA is how much of our government is being governed by those who appear to have an IQ just above MORON.

How and when did this happen?
We the people had better wake up.
Have we all forgot or did we never learn we have the power to oust some of these half-wits NOW?
Has anyone heard of RECALL?

Perhaps we need to start with every one of these FOOLS calling for IMPEACHMENT?

How the likes of UBER FOOLS like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Al Green and a few other EQUAL DOLTS got elected only shows what ignorant constituents voted for them.

Apparently now we have months and months of being bored into our graves over the incessant harassment of Trump’s son.

What a waste!

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