November 2017
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The Truth About the NYC Terror Attack


Again we have the hard hittig Paul Joseph Watson showing the “sick in the head” left to be the fools they actually are.

I suggest everyone read the material of Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.
Rossiter is a board certified forensic psychiatrist.

All one needs to do is try and have a rational discussion with one of these loons. It fast becomes clear their brains immediately freeze up and the only thing they can do is call names.

Personally I have given up discussion with these half-witted fools unless it is on a largely visited open forum. There they can easily be baited into making total fools of themselves for the rest of the world to see.

I have said this many times in the past.
It is abundantly clear why the Russian KGB killed these “useful idiots” when they were no longer useful.

That remedy offered by Yuri Bezmenove (KGB defector) during interviews in the mid 1990’s

James O’Keefe CONFRONTS NYT Exec Editor Dean Baquet

What fun watching the collapse of the corrupt daily.
This time the mouthy Dean Baquet is suddenly struck silent when confronted face to face with James O’Keefe.

It makes me laugh out loud when the BRAVE Baquet maligns O’Keefe in a comfy cozy recording studio where there is no chance for rebuttal.

No wonder the THINKING PUBLIC calls the news FAKE.

Halloween Is Cancelled Because of Liberalism

I suppose it is not necessary for me to harp on the MORONIC BEHAVIOR on the left right?

Who has to harp wwhen these fools DAILY display stupid.
This time in the education system. Send your kid to school to get REALLY REALLY DUMB?

Hey parents just a simple heads up … your kid is likely to end up as stupid as his/her teacher if you are not careful.

We live in a world of run amuck PC.

Here is the Candace Owens take on this particular situation … LOL