February 2018
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The Memo is Out and the DOJ & FBI Caught Red Handed

It did not take rocket science to realize when the Left CONJURED UP Russian Collusion for the Donald Trump team it would end up being Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the DNC and the Democrats who actually colluded.

What was suspected is now proven.

The next question is WHO GETS PERP WALKED?

It is clear both Clinton’s deserve the clink for being corrupt to the core … but who else?

My guess the FISA judges should pitch a bitch heard around the globe unless they colluded with the DOJ and FBI. My guess they are smarter and more honest than that. It will not take long to see with what they will do about this situation.

It is time Mullar wrap up this Trump Russian collusion CHARADE before he himself is dragged square in the middle of the whole mess.

James O’Keefe has Gathered an Incredible Group of Citizen Journalists

James O’Keefe is and has been doing a great service to Americans with his undercover exposure work. As someone who has been around long enough to watch the good, bad and ugly in the media for the past 70 years … it is refreshing to see this exposure in real time.

With the advent of (Al Gore’s internet)… what some 20 years ago? … lol … who would think? … we would so quickly see so much corruption then exposure this fast?

Americas narrowly missed a speeding bullet when Donald Trump was elected President by the smarter more savvy side of the population. Daily the Trump antics make me laugh. This guy has a knack for flipping an invisible middle finger to the latest batch of main stream media fools. While the stupid “sheeple” among us whine about tweets they never read (providing they can read at all).

For those stupid enough or worse corrupt who think Trump knows not what he is doing? Carry on and continue to be the brunt of his inside jokes.

Meanwhile enjoy Michelle Malkin and what she has to say about to-days fools who call themselves journalists (which equals FAKE NEWS).

I always enjoy her perspective on things. 😉

Schumer Shutdown OVER!

Schumer-shutdownThe Democrats and Republicans bickered over who was responsible for the shutting down of the government for the last 3 days. Today it is finally over to be addressed later.

Meanwhile the not so stupid public clearly understood it was “slick Chuck Schumer” who thought he could hold the funding of the government over the heads of the GOP to get a DACA settlement.

Anyone who had more than a few brain cells firing understood that was not going to work with this President or this Congress.

EGG ON HIS FACE Schumer BLEW IT while the totally witless Nancy Pelosi wined and dined her cohorts while her party was suffering the roasting pit.
NOTHING was achieved except egg on the faces of the totally stupid out of touch democrats who went along with it.

Should the DREAMERS be given Amnesty?
No! they are here illegally. Like Trump promised they need to get in line and make their way here legally.

Should ANYONE WITHOUT CITIZENSHIP be allowed to vote?