September 2017
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Congressional knee jerk decisions caused by feigned outrage.

Apparently the American public is doomed to ignorance and knee jerk reactions by Congress over the AIG bonuses. The house quickly passed a 90% tax on all bonuses AGAIN WITHOUT FIRST placing their minds in gear.
What can they be thinking … AGAIN Oh I know they are NOT!.
I suppose an even better question is DO THEY EVER?
The answer to that of late is NO THEY DO NOT!

We now have a renegade group in Washington who all of a sudden is letting the fear of public reprisal sink in.

The Republicans got the message when the mass moved to vote in change.
Gee whiz … we pissed them off … now what?
They are still in a mass flurry to try and gain control of their party which scattered into 1000 different directions.

The Democrats still reveling in the glory of their victory arrogantly figured they could do exactly what they pleased because after all “we the people are pretty stupid and do not know the difference any way.

Now with the economy in the tank and the populace outraged over the crap foisted on us all by both parties. The latest blame lies at the feet of the Democratic party in control and suddenly it is getting clear they may be seriously out on a limb sawing it off behind themselves. It is fast becoming evident to them “we the people” are not quite as stupid as they hoped.

We are collecting together in the middle of 2 parties screaming ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Thank heavens THIS TIME the Republicans have put the skids on and blocked Democratic efforts Thursday evening to bring up the Senate version of the tax bill to recoup most of the $165 million paid out by AIG last weekend and other bonuses in 2009.

This passing of bills in the dead of night is appalling and needs to stop. It is good the public is ever vigilant and willing to shout what they see at every turn. We do not get transparency from the White house … we do however get it from the people.

Great Job Public!

How to make a user post in WordPress 2.7

Hi Users,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I suppose pictures and words make the whole process even better

It took forever but here are the little videos that I made to explain the nuts and bolts on how to make a post in WordPress 2.7.

Those of you who have not been here in a while will notice a new dashboard format. That is because WordPress just had a nice upgrade that in the long run will make this Blogging Software much better.

This first set of video are 4 in number. Sorry to have to split them up but the brand new software that creates these little videos does NOT like them really long. Just a note … video on the internet takes quite a lot of room and bandwidth to display. Those who do not have broadband probably will have difficulty with video on the internet. So when the software screamed and failed to publish my video I was forced to chop this tutorial into 4 sections. To bad it took me 2 days to try and figure out what the failure was. To bad all of this happened over the week end when the developers are kicking back with mojitos in grip on a lounge watching some NFL game.

How to use these videos:

  • 1. I suggest unless you have a handy pair of binoculars you click the little square symbol under the play arrow in the center of the video. This will allow you to look at the video in full screen mode.
  • 2. At the bottom of the video if you hover there with your cursor a control bar will appear.
  • 3. If at any time you want to reduce the size of your video the same little square symbol will be at the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking that will make the video small again.
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Stop the thieving at taxpayers’ expense?

Stop the thieving at taxpayers’ expense? These words uttered by Charlie Rangel up on ethics charges for his own crookery? And then sponsoring a retroactive tax bill of 90% on bonus’ paid to AIG? The irony of the whole mess is staggering. The stupidity and ignorance of those who have commandeered the government is staggering to say the least.

Why should ‘we the people’ care that this form of justice was whipped out of thin air by this group of daffed politicians? BECAUSE SUCH A LAW COULD INVOLVE YOU NEXT.

The public is so ramped up over this AIG ‘bonus mess’ they fail to realize the Constitution is being breached again allowing a precedent which could well be used against ‘we the people’ on whim.

I watched President Obama on Jay Leno last night.
It was fun to watch. Barack Obama is charming, witty and personable. These attributes do not make him qualified to run the nation. It does however make him entertaining and a good guest for Leno.
There seems to be a lot of flap about the ‘Special Olympics’ comment he made referring to his bowling score. I suggest its a tough world out there and people need to drop the thin skin and quit whining about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

I have heard people shrilling that he needs to make an apology.
WHAT A CROCK! It was simply a JOKE.
There are far more serious things to snivel and whine over … THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

ACORN crooks at your door?

We have all heard about the voter fraud committed by ACORN during our last election. This group has been under investigation for some time for embezzlement and voter fraud.

So what is ACORN up to now?

Wrap your mind around the 2010 census.
How many fraudulent fake people are going to end up in the new census because someone wants an extra $6 an hour worth of work while they sit eating bon bons on the street corner somewhere instead of actually working for their money?

How would you like some unsavory ACORN character knocking on your door asking all kinds of personal information?