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The great depression or worse?

It is probably a good idea if we all fasten our seat belts and brace ourselves for hard times.
How hard? It does not look good.

We are in a time of denial. The “citizen mass” has not seen really hard times for over 50 years.
Those born after 1960 for the most part have been groomed in an atmosphere of abundance. Hardship today is doing without your ipod or shriek your cell phone.

It does not take rocket science to realize that the “rhetoric” that Obama spieled to the public no matter how well intended or not is a crock.

Gerald Celente, CEO of Trends Research Institute, has an uncanny ability to predict future events with a high degree of precision. He has appeared on numerous major news shows to include CNN and Fox News. Mr. Celente is not considered a fruitcake! His predictions have proven themselves on numerous occasions and he is well accepted by the Main Stream Media. His view of the next few years is chilling. Celente predicts that we will suffer a depression of a magnitude, which is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s and that we should expect to see tax rebellions and possibly a popular revolution against the government. He recently updated his prediction by stating “that America will see riots similar to those currently ongoing in Greece and that the cause will be a hyper-inflationary depression, leading to the inevitable use of troops and mercenaries to deal with the crisis as Americans are incarcerated in internment camps.”

USA To Owe More Than All of Us Own

According to recent calculations by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation (PGPF), the sum of America’s debts and other financial commitments is about to exceed the collective net worth of its citizens. That means that for the first time in our history, we’ll owe more money than all of us have combined.

What’s responsible for this unprecedented shift? Growth in the government’s unfunded promises for social insurance programs such as Medicare, combined with a drop in Americans’ net worth, due mainly to lower home equity values.

PGPF’s calculations are based on the new consolidated federal financial statements as of September 30, 2008, which notably, do not reflect the additional toll taken by more recent market declines, bailout packages, and record October and November deficits.

But there’s hope yet. Since its launch this year, the Foundation has invested nearly $11 million in grants to raise awareness of, and seek solutions to the nation’s fiscal challenges. As Americans say goodbye to 2008, and look towards the new year, PGPF will continue to work with its extraordinary grantee partners as they focus on a variety of timely initiatives to help put our nation back on a fiscally prudent and sustainable path.

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1 plus 1 equals 20 extra votes for Franken

I have been watching this Franken situation since election day.
Today I stumbled onto an article by Ann Coulter.

She is caustic no doubt about it. Funny certainly! Rabidly hated by the left who generally have no comeback other than name calling. All of this as she blows them off and laughs all the way to the bank. Apparently her books are evenly read by both sides of the political isle.
Clearly she is not “politically correct” which gives her “kudos” in my book. So I just dashed out to order an autographed copy of her latest “Guilty” … I trust it will not be dull or disappointing.

Her read on the situation and as always you decide what to make of it.

Posted: December 17, 2008
5:45 pm Eastern

© 2008

It’s bad enough that the Republican Party can’t prevent Democrats from voting in its primaries and saddling us with the New York Times’ favorite Republican as our presidential nominee. If the Republican Party can’t protect an election won by the incumbent U.S. senator in Minnesota, there is no point in donating to the Republican Party.

The day after the November election, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman had won his re-election to the U.S. Senate, beating challenger Al Franken by 725 votes.

Then one heavily Democratic town miraculously discovered 100 missing ballots. And, in another marvel, they were all for Al Franken! It was like a completely evil version of a Christmas miracle.

As strange as it was that all 100 post-election, “discovered” ballots would be for one candidate, it was even stranger that the official time stamp for the miracle ballots printed out by the voting machine on the miracle ballots showed that the votes had been cast on Nov. 2 – two days before the election.

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AOL another HOT SEAT poll !

Then there is the little question of corruption going on in IL.
Who thinks what about President Elects participation in that scandal.

The arguments from the left are actually quite funny.
Like: the FBI said Obama ABSOLUTELY had nothing to do with any of this.
I guess now we need to define absolutely like we did “IT”.

Clearly he had some involvement in it we just do not know what yet.
Perhaps there was nothing sinister perhaps there was.

I guess anyone looking at this from a Clinical Thinking perspective would recognize that the closed lip tactics that is characteristic of Obama certainly does him no good.

The “Clinical Thinking” of the USA are beginning to wonder what is Obama hiding and why?


There has been a lot of flap about the citizenship of Barack Obama.
Is he or isn’t he … has the nation been scammed again or not?
Fact is we simply do not know.

What we do know is the MSM has miserably dropped the ball on this.
For those that I have talked with do not even have a clue there is a question.
A vast majority do not know the difference between a citizen and a “natural born citizen”.
Those that begin to understand are NOW concerned that Obama is not being forthcoming with his records.
A smaller fringe does not care if he is or is not simply because they love the guy no matter what.

Do I find this a problem?
You bet and you should find it a problem too.

Because for whatever reason we have a President Elect who thinks he is above following the law.

Well apparently main stream is beginning to wake up.

AOL has been running a poll.
The question is:
Do you think there is any merit to the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s citizenship?
51% say yes
43% say no
6% do not know

The interesting thing is where and who thinks what.
IL, NY, VT, RI, CT, DE, MD and DC all think no.

If you want to join into the little poll? Here ya go.