February 2018
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rogerhedgecockIf anyone understand the power of the internet and talk radio it is the Obama administration. The internet was probably the deciding factor that pushed Obama to a victory along with a “totally sucky opposition” until Sarah Palin arrived on the scene.

So why is this Gov. scared sh******? Because now it is beginning to dawn on them just how powerful the sleeping giant actually is. Yawn, Snore, Snore is over. Because of the internet, talk radio and the daily travesties coming out of Washington daily … the public is GETTING INFORMED.

How are they doing this?
A great working network can get the message around the world in less than 8 minutes … to hundreds of thousands of “average Joes and Jill’s”. Imagine that?
So now you know why this government wants to SHUT YOU UP.

Here we sit in the USA assuming our right to free speech is safe. ASSUME NOTHING! Be ready to fight for YOUR RIGHT. Be informed.

The likes of the “tea party movement” is a monumental threat to those in Washington intent on ignoring the people. First they made fun. Next they maligned. Then they dismissed as FEW. Clearly under wraps for this behavior was STARK FEAR and ignorance.

This last week end a small group of talk hosts, show producers, and business people from radio and the Internet gathered in Washington, D.C. to form a broad-based coalition to fight for the right to speak out and for the right of Americans to listen and to participate.

Roger Hedgecock (syndicated talk show host in San Diego) was unanimously selected chairman of this new “Don’t Touch My Dial” coalition.

Their mission is to fight for the rights of us all and if FREE SPEECH is important to you then you might want to join their group and sign their petition. Click Here … if you are using IE8 as your browser and the page does not open properly use another browser like FireFox.

There are those in government who believe that you and I are not smart enough to know what is going on or know how to run our lives. They mistakenly think that we need their help in order to form the correct points of view – their points of view.


You are responsible for what happens to your rights.
This is an important RIGHT so be willing to PROTECT IT.

More information:
Nation’s talkers meet on ‘imminent threat’

Cap and trade hits speed bumps.

altmireSupporters of legislation to address climate change expected last week’s rollout of a cap-and-trade energy plan — complete with Earth Day events and an Al Gore appearance on Capitol Hill — would boost their efforts.

Instead, what they got was an earful from a group of moderate Democratic lawmakers, many of whom represent competitive seats, who said the policy would set their already-economically hard-hit districts even further back.

“What I’ve seen so far is nowhere near where it needs to be for me to support it,” Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.) told POLITICO. “Any way you do it, it hurts Pennsylvania, especially western Pennsylvania.”

“I think cap and trade is bad policy,” said Altmire.

The rest of the story …

A blight on homosexuality.

hiltonredactedFrom where on earth did this “pond scum” get dredged up?

Personally I do not give a flip what someone’s sexual preference might be.
I fight for equal freedom “to be” for all.

When I saw and read about the antics of “judge” Mario Armando Lavandeira (alias Perez Hilton) over the answer given by Carrie Prejean in the Miss USA pageant … I had to respond in kind.

Who is this “pond scum” piece of garbage Perez Hilton?
Apparently a virtual unknown with people who have more than 2 brain cells firing at one time.
Every homosexual in the world should drag (pun intended) this jerk into the public square and pillory him/her.
He is a disgrace and a blight on the homosexual community.

In real life I personally do not know one homosexual that would lower himself to this level.
Good people are given a bad rap because of some self-aggrandizing QUEEN of little real importance in the world.
What a pity!

This is Perez Hilton’s YouTube video made right after the contest’s conclusion, calling Carrie a “dumb b-tch” and claiming she had given “the worst answer in pageant history.”

Perhaps Perez needs to grab a mirror and take a look at a REAL DUMB B****!

Here is a video of Perez having his clock cleaned by someone clearly smarter and faster thinking on his feet on Larry King live.

Chris Simcox to give McCain a run for his money.

The whiplash assault on the Constitution since the November elections has new blood stepping up to the plate to better run our government.

REAL CHANGE is indeed on the horizon.
EVERY concerned citizen needs to get out and support these new people. Look at it this way. THEY CAN NOT POSSIBLY do a worse job than is being done today.
We bought the lies now its time to say. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Chris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has just announced his resignation from the presidency of MCDC in order to launch a full-scale campaign for U.S. Senate against John McCain!

Does it pay to miff the public?

cooperWhen you make your bread and butter off the public it would be wise to protect your position by not pissing said public off.

Apparently CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who made repeated “teabagging” references, and MSNBC’s David Shuster, who said, “Teabagging day for the right wing and they are going nuts for it.” … were stupid enough to forget that rule of thumb.

Or maybe they are so use to being stupid and the public either accepting or ignoring it daily they simply figured they would get away without repercussion.

How many ways can you say WRONG! ?

I have to tell you with the mood of the day changing moment by moment as the “we the people of the USA” giant awakens … those in the media or public service with a cushy job best take note.

The FCC has received complaints as well it should. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We the people have a voice and most of us can shout long and hard enough to eventually BE HEARD.

Add your 2 cents at the FCC complaint page HERE: