February 2018
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DEBUNKED: Top 5 AR-15 Lies! | Louder With Crowder

This sad school massacre was sure to bring the “ban guns” roaches out of the woodwork. And it did.

Then these traumatized students have leaped on the band wagon thinking this would be a solution?
That would be these same kids who think they know everything but still do not have a fully developed brain?

This is why we have a voting age criteria.
With the lack of education some of these kids get today maybe the voting age should be raised to 25 or 30.

Let them get a little responsibility under their belts before they get to participate in grown up activities.

I actually remember my youth between 17 and 30. I thought I was the smartest kid around. About 35 I realized when my mother called me stupid (at 30) … she was right.

Steven Crowder and crew set the anti-gun fools straight on AR-15 FACTS.

The Truth About The Florida School Shooting and Nikolas Cruz

Stefan Molyneux has posted his latest research on Nikolas Cruz the latest school shooter.

Part of this analysis is based on what people think about this young man. How valid is what people think after the fact? My guess is just about nothing.

What makes someone snap?
The truthful answer is … no one knows. If they did things like this would be averted.

So what is the solution?
In truth there is probably none short of living as slaves!

Tucker Carlson, Piers Morgan and Omarosa

Omarosa is on Big Brother. It has been years since I wasted time on the Big Brother show. That being said I decided to watch this Big Brother Celebrities because I heard the colorful Omarosa was going to be a participant.

I am now hooked with the latest soap opera unfolding several nights a week. Thankfully the only time lost (one hour on those airing days) is on a clean up job that will now be extended.

Omarosa is fast being exposed in a not so glowing light with her comments about Vice President Mike Pence. The latest exposure is on the Tucker Carlson show with an interview of Piers Morgan.

Clearly interesting!

Now I feel slimmed for watching.

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