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WE ARE an Eclectic Voter Block

What I learned about 20 years ago when I was running a political activist group was “WE THE PEOPLE” are an eclectic crew.

For those who do not know what eclectic means?
“deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”.

This IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE … it only takes a tiny bit of paying attention and common sense.

That being said the DC establishment has done a good job at herding “WE THE PEOPLE” “sheeple” into first a 2 party system then into eventually what we have today the old “screw you voter” system that is corrupt to the core.

Most of us have been aware of this shift but actually did not know what could be done about it. When corruption runs rampant with no apparent way to stem that corruption … the people fall into despair. The United States has been running without a real leader since Ronald Reagan.

Accountability is totally non-existent where the political hierarchy is concerned.

Why was Bill Clinton not tossed out on his pervert ear for lying before congress?
Why are both Clinton’s not yet in jail for their many illegal activities?
I am certain there are those on the Republican side who are just as corrupt … they are just a tad better at keeping their agenda and action hidden.

Yes folks let me say this loud and clear.
If you are progressive it is likely your IQ is not on the upper level of the bell curve.

Trump RallyWith this clear decay and rotting of the original FOUNDERS AMERICAN VALUE SYSTEM … then out of the wings … along comes Donald J Trump.
The POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT is still scratching their dull heads at WHAT? “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN”?

Well let me explain it to you dullard fools in moron so you get it with one take.
Trump speaks to that ECLECTIC VOTER.

All it took was someone who was not beholden to the political powers that be for his own survival.
Someone who felt and could express the pain of the “eclectic voter” … and that was all she wrote folks.

So what do I hope Trump will do?
First and foremost?
Everything he has promised.
If he meets resistance EXPOSE THE RESISTERS and let the public get rid of them.

After-all “we the people” can recall and get rid of the bad apples.
If we the people are not willing to do our part then we deserve what we get.

ADX FlorenceI hope Trump will start holding some of these corrupt bastards accountable. Not in some cushy federal pen but the tough joints like ADX, and nicknamed the “Alcatraz of the Rockies,”.

If they do not survive … OH WELL!

Donald Trump and His SCOTUS Picks

Last night much to the chagrin of the yapping “WE HATE TRUMP” crew “the Donald” released his potential picks to replace Antonin Scalia for the Supreme Court.

Apparently it is quite a noteworthy list according to a number of true Constitutional Conservatives.
My My whoda thunk? 😉

This is what made me laugh out loud.
Back when from one such pick … that would be Justice Don Willett

OOPPPS … wonder if he is still weeping now … LOL

Then I wonder if Glenn Beck and Mike Lee approve of the Trump pick of Lee’s brother?

Next we have over the top 2 brain cells only twit Erick Erickson.

If you want to be considered really stupid admit you listen and take seriously Erick Erickson. LOL


Diane Sykes, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Raymond Gruender, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
Steven Colloton, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
Raymond Kethledge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Thomas Hardiman, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
William Pryor, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
Thomas Lee, Utah Supreme Court
Allison Eid, Colorado Supreme Court
Joan Larsen, Michigan Supreme Court
David Straus, Minnesota Supreme Court
Don Willet, Texas Supreme Court

True the Vote

Catherine Engelbrecht True the Vote
True the Vote has been working tirelessly now for quite some time. Today I received an email from them requesting a donation to which I immediately responded with a yes.

Here is the letter and where you can also donate if you wish.

Dear ClinicalThinker,

It’s been a long time since we’ve sent out a fundraising
letter…and that’s what this is… but please read it all the
way through. Even if you don’t choose to contribute, the message
is still important.

For months now True the Vote has been working behind the scenes
plowing through voter roll research, adding volunteer training
courses to our online Knowledge Network, moving forward with our
lawsuit against the IRS, and speaking out in defense of election

As a matter of practice, TTV stays out of primaries. Since
they’re run by parties for parties there’s really very little we
can do with them except make observations … and stay standing.
Financially it’s a tough season because donors are flat tapped
out by the non-stop campaign fundraising. So we batten down the
hatches and prepare to hang on until the primary elections are
over and the run up to the general election begins.

But this election cycle has been different. We’ve had to watch
shameless displays of arrogance, dishonesty, cruelty, greed…and
now ….now, for me, I’m sick of all of it. It’s like I have the
“political flu”. Just this general ache…maybe it’s more like
sorrow…for what our political parties have become. Maybe you
can relate.

And this “sick of it all”, this general malaise that’s settled
in…well, it has really depressed fundraising; from foundations
to individual donations, across the board.

Now (finally) to my point. Candidates come and go. But what
remains….what must always remain…is our right to vote for or
against those candidates in a free and fair election.

True the Vote is the only pro-liberty organization dedicated to
voters’ rights. We’re it. The national tip of the spear.

Through the years we’ve been hit hard. Very hard. But we’ve never
wavered, because we represent a principle that goes beyond
Republican or Democrat. We represent the right to vote.

The right to engage – to be heard – to count and be counted.
Over the years, bloodied but unbowed, we’ve helped inspire
millions to find their voice by casting their ballot. That’s what
True the Vote is all about.

We’ve trained volunteer poll workers from coast to coast, we’ve
fought for honest elections in courtroom battles, we’re
researched and reported on the state of our voter rolls, and
we’ve exposed the truth about efforts underway, even as I type
this, to dilute and distort your vote so completely that you
don’t have a fighting chance.

Make no mistake, liberty not defended will be lost.

And so, I’m asking for your help to keep working on your behalf
to defend the sanctity of your vote. We are in critical need of
your financial support. I wish we didn’t have to ask, but we do.

Will you please take a minute right now and make a donation? $10,
$25… $100, $1000…every cent will immediately be used to
fortify our current programs and plan for the future.

If there was ever a time for a group like ours to remain
standing, it is now. And if not us, then who?

Please give, please give generously, and please forward this to a
friend and ask them to help, too.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you, and
may God bless America.


Catherine Engelbrecht
Founder, True the Vote

Office 713.401.3550
Mail P.O. Box 131768
Houston, TX 77219-1768
Web and to donate
True the Vote is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Federal Tax
I.D. #27-2860095.
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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