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What Trump’s speech at the UN taught us about the Left

This has to be one of the most interesting psychological explanations of “left thinking” I have yet to hear recently.

Frankly after trying to debate with the left for many years now (since around 1998) I simply stopped at … they are simply “bat crap crazy”.

This malady is adequately explained by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D. Author of “The Liberal Mind,” that describes the psychological causes of political madness.

This latest observation comes from Dr. Ted Noel on youtube today.
Enjoy 😉

Take The Red Pill – Candace Owens and Stefan Molyneux

Two of my favorite internet people.
Folks this is where “we the people need to go” for what is going on in the REAL WORLD today.

I am not going to rail on and on about Stefan. For those who follow this blog and there are many (well over 14,000 subscribers). If you do not yet follow Stefan I suggest you start.

As for Candace she is a delightful recent discovery that you can find at Red Pill Black on Youtube.

Do yourselves a favor and hit the subscribe button then the little symbol at the right which will notify you with each new video of both EXCELLENT CHANNELS.

Google & Youtube Forget Who Brought Them to the PARTY.

When I was very young my grandmother taught me a lesson.
It was simple so even a child of 12 or 13 could understand.
Never lose sight of who helped to make you a success in life.
NEVER LEAVE THE PARTY with someone who DID NOT BRING you in the first place.

Clearly those who head up Google and Youtube were never taught this valuable lesson or they did not understand it when they were.

They are now in the process of antagonizing and demonetizing those who created their business and keep all of us out here engaged in perpetuating the information.

PITY! … it is such a waste to see a GIANT FALL because he shot himself in the head with his own arrow.

They might want to consider human nature is:
Lose a supporter and they NEVER RETURN!

Anderson Cooper & Don Lemon Mocked AGAIN!

Evidently it never occurred to some in the “main stream media business” that it would be them at the wrong end of SATIRE for their fake news reporting.

Clearly it NEVER OCCURRED TO THEM so many would snatch up the gauntlet and pass it on to millions more exposing their bias and stupidity in living color.

Well leave it to Mark Dice to do just that.
Little by little that reality is slowly bubbling to the top of the swamp.

Looks like we are about to see a revolution in who is actually considered legitimate news today and GUESS WHAT?
The name Google, Youtube, CNN, MSNBC etc. are quickly sliding to the bottom of the heap.

Personally my time watching NEWS ON TV has gone from 10 hours a day to perhaps a TOTAL of 4 hours a week.

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