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Ted Cruz Tells it Like it IS Mitch McConnell LIES

July 26, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 14:33 PM

It is refreshing to have someone with the guts to stand up and BUST THE CORRUPT in the Senate.

Everyone with a blog needs to copy this video into your pages.
If we all band together the truth will quickly spread.

Then maybe we will have the ability to boot some of these corrupt career politicians out of office.

Black Lives Matter, All Lives matter!

July 23, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 17:11 PM

No they don’t!
Not according to these bigoted left wing dolts trying to push leniency (OR SILENCE) for the bad behavior of blacks.

Get it through your heads people these PC lemmings don’t care about anyone or anything but their own self promoting agenda.

Most of them would not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of if they were not successful at ramping up racial tension among their own people.

Megyn Kelly is absolutely right in her argument below. Richard Fowler is his usual self … CHOOSING his own agenda over reality.

Ted Cruz Grills Sarah Saldaña over Illegal Aliens

July 22, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 14:15 PM

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas (a lawyer) knows you never ask a question you do not have the answer to … precisely grills ICE director Sarah Saldaña.

Saldaña waffles around a while … then Cruz finally presents the FACTS:

  • 1. Saldaña didn’t know?
  • 2. chose not to state?
  • 3. refused to state?
  • 4. hoped FACTS would not be disclosed?

You decide why she responded the way she did.

“There were 68,000 criminals—criminal illegal aliens—that ICE declined to begin deportation proceedings against despite the fact … the federal law that you’re holding up there says ‘they shall be deported,’ …. In addition to that, there were 36,000 in deportation proceedings with criminal convictions that the Obama administration released.”

Donald Trump on McCain as War Hero

July 19, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 10:11 AM

0trump-luntzJohn McCain “war hero”, “enemy collaborator” Tokyo Rose style, “PWO sell out” or WHAT?

Clearly Donald Trump has a knack for causing a firestorm wherever he goes when he chooses.

The latest is a clip where he says he does not consider John McCain a “war hero”.

If one considers someone being captured and held prisoner a hero then McCain fits the bill. For others who expect a little more action and valor then maybe not.

On the other hand “enemy collaborator” or “propaganda shill” more defines traitor in my books.

McCain’s war record is of a CRAPPY PILOT who crashed his aircraft more than once.
The cause? A show off, stupidity, both?

1. 1960 while training in his AD-6 Skyraider McCain slammed into Corpus Christi Bay.
2. 1961 in a Skyraider over southern Spain McCain flew into electrical wires, causing a blackout.
3. 1965, McCain crashed a T-2 trainer jet in Virginia
4. July 1967, on the carrier Forrestal, off the coast of Vietnam … McCain and other pilots were preparing for a bombing raid when a Zuni rocket from one of the planes misfired.

The rocket hit the plane next to McCain’s, killing the pilot, igniting jet fuel and touching off a chain of explosions. Considered one of the worst accidents in Navy history killing 134 crew members and damaging or destroying various aircraft, including McCain’s

5. 1967 Three months later, McCain was on his 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam when a surface-to-air missile struck his A-4 attack jet. He was flying 3,000 feet above Hanoi.

In the first 3 accidents Navy officials questioned McCain’s flying skills and judgment.

Gee ya think?

So what is the real truth? I am afraid you will all have to wade through the documents linked above and make your own decision.

Legend is often times manufactured by those who benefit from it … kind of like John Kerry and his “Swift Boat Incident”.

Heroes in their own minds where FACT does not bare them out?

I can see the point Trump was making … it is refreshing to see someone in the political arena with the guts to say what everyone else thinks but is afraid to say out loud.

That just might carry Trump a long way in this race :)

Here is the latest comment that stirred the hornets nest.
It is the full interview by Frank Luntz and it is about 27 minutes long. It is worth hearing what Trump has to say if you really want to be an informed judge.

Scammers Out in Full Force

July 17, 2015
Posted by clinicalthinker @ 14:02 PM

no-solicitorsApparently the telephone scammers are out in full force again.

In this week alone my NON PUBLISHED telephone number has been called and on the other end was a scammer or someone trying to shove something free down my throat.

My normal response for these dolts is “I purchase NOTHING from unsolicited calls”. That no longer works as the caller simply ramps up their sales spiel in hopes of nabbing you before you hang up.

My first call was from someone giving me the song and dance that I was selected for a new FREE security system instillation. I said I AM NOT INTERESTED.

He said do you understand burglars are cutting telephone wires and disarming already installed security systems. He then added some statistics on home burglaries.

He quickly followed with a when can we set up an appointment to talk to you.

I said perhaps you would like to call the owners of this home. I can provide you with their New York Telephone number if you like.

He said thank you no … I guess renters do not qualify? … lol

It appears I am on a new tactic for dealing with unsolicited sellers and scammers.

Next 2 days ago the telephone rang.

The caller asks if my electric bill is more than $150 a month.

Of course I answered yes.

The caller went into his 3 minute spiel (almost without breath I might add) about the FREE solar system and instillation that I HAPPENED TO BE QUALIFIED to receive.

Finally when he took a breath he asked if I was older than 18. I said yes and he next asked if I was the owner of the home.

I said NO and he said well then you are not qualified and hung up without a good bye.

Of course I am an owner but now have a new comeback for solicitors who insist on installing something to your property for FREE.

Yesterday I get a call (this is an old one) … Hello Mam … I am from Windows and your computer is putting out signals that are very serious and need to be corrected immediately.

I said oh my that sounds very serious.

He said yes mam it is very serious.

I said well what can be done about this?

He said you need to go to your computer and turn it on right now.

I said who is this serious for YOU?

He said no mam YOU. You need to turn on your computer RIGHT NOW … using an exasperated condescending tone of this is a dire emergency you fool.

I said but I don’t see how this can be a problem for me … I have no computer.

He promptly hung up on me.