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Why James Comey Is Gone

The whining and bitching from the left is mind numbing.
NOT BECAUSE their bad choices are ALWAYS someone elses fault. But because the are STUPID to the core.

Frankly I am tired to the teeth that RUSSIA did it.
Let me guess next it will be the MARTIANS did it.
Those who listen and parrot this BS need to be called out on the spot as being STUPID TO THE CORE.

Take a look folks filling academia with progressives has dumbed down your kids to the tune of how much for college tuition?

Finally President Trump FIRED COMEY … that should have been done under President Obama when Comey FAILED to charge Hillary Clinton over her SERVER/EMAIL SCANDAL.

But Obama CHOSE to let it slide and will now go down in history for literally doing NOTHING GOOD for the USA.

Take 28 minutes out of your day and listen to Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux go over the facts in this latest SWAMP DRAIN.

Sally Yates and Ted Cruz CLASH

Again the fools in the main stream media have their shorts and panties in a twist over the head to head with Yates and Cruz.

Yates the former Acting Attorney General refused to enforce Trump’s executive order suspending travel from several terror-prone countries.

On Monday, in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) exposed her ignorance of the law,

Well to hear or read the left media … Cruz got his ass handed to him.
Again it is no shock coming from a left that is as clueless of the law of the land “the Constitution” as Yates herself.

Apparently the left forgets Cruz is an expert on the Constitution.

Here is what Steven Crowder had to say about the situation.
Enjoy a chuckle with him.

The Left Just Hung With a New Rope and They Bitch

Can anyone keep up with the BITCH and WHINE from the left these days? I can’t … I simply shut them off before they open their mouth.
One minute they are in love with Comey for letting Hillary Clinton off the hook for her Email server. Then they are leaping on the latest Hillary bandwagon that Comey caused her to lose the election.

Well now they really have something to BITCH ‘N WHINE about.
Comey is gone.
Who in their right mind did not see that coming?

Talk about OUTRAGE on the left now … LOL
One could get whiplash trying to keep up.

These “too stupid to recognize stupid” nuts do serve a purpose.
They are a daily advertisement of what STUPID LOOKS LIKE TODAY!

My brother just called and said Hannity had a great program on the subject tonight.
I will watch that now. 😉

Climate Change is a Scam

I have never felt the world was going to come to an end because of Global Warming,

Perhaps that is because I have been around long enough to have noticed there actually is a natural cycle of warming and cooling over the years.

So I thought this was an interesting interview on the subject by someone who is actually a credible scientist.

It is about 45 minutes long and worth every minute of listening time IMO.

Banned Trump TV Ad

Just when I think we have hit the pinnicle of stupid from the main stream media they top their latest escapade.

If I want a chuckle … I know it will be there with a Mark Dice video.