February 2018
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More government bloat does not employ YOU!

Every day when I turn on the TV there is another jaw dropping story out of Washington. Why should any of us expect anything else? Daily it becomes increasingly clear that Barack Obama has the poorest judgment of any President to date.

I watched a speech by Obama today who clearly shows his frustration over the lack of cooperation for the feigned emergency stimulus package. Yes ‘we the people’ are suppose to be shaking in our boots because a bloated piece of junk is being resisted by the majority of Republicans. What can I say but thank heavens. “We the people” need to collect and donate to oust from office EVERY PERSON who votes for this piece of junk.

Obama DOES NOT GET IT … he is CLUE LESS. The public does not want this package. It is not emergency relief it is long term bankruptcy for our children and grandchildren.

None of this is rocket science. In fact it is not even more than 4th grade math. Dump this package and start over. People are losing jobs by the minute and with that the shelter over their heads. Frizby parks, money for abortions overseas and doggie trails is not helping in these critical areas.

To date a couple of “totally cheesy” pieces of pork have been dumped … hear my words IT IS NOT ENOUGH !

Does anyone but me notice Obama is being lead around by a nose ring like some prize bull?
The more than dense Nancy Pelosi (known as San Fran Nan by Ann Coulter) and her cohorts seem to be holding the rope.

Next comes Jeffery Immelt being appointed to an advisory money position. This guy has been in charge while the stock of GE has dropped like a rock in a pond. We can not forget he was trading arms to Iran. Should this guy be arrested for treason or what? What kind of advisor could he make.
What kind of decision making ability does this display for Obama?

nashiriThen we have Obama dismissing the charges of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri the mastermind behind the Cole bombing.
My new catch phrase for the day is “are you frigging CRAZY?”. It is looking like he is … and that comment is fast on the way to being the only comment I use to define Obama.

What does all of this boil down to?
Plain and simple this bloat is creating bigger government by the second.
More government people to vote to feather their own nest by a job that offers good retirement and perks (which not one of them could get in the public sector).
If we end up with a $850 billion barrel … how much does it cost to implement it?

Why would we expect someone who REFUSES to release his own records for public scrutiny to be honest?

That sucking noise is our future being flushed by the Democrats in power today.

Well if this is not a total crock!
Transparency? … start at home my man. Release your own records for a start and maybe the world could give you the respect you do not yet deserve.
What don’t you understand? Any trust, hope and respect you may have been gifted with by the public is fast vanishing.

The sucking noise is what the controlling party in the government HOPES the public is deaf to. Well maybe before but NO LONGER … even their Democratic constituents are beginning to realize a few dolts do not care if they have sold “we the people” down the river (I am reminded of my history classes which enlightened us to the fact that the African Tribal Chiefs sold their own people into Slavery).

It is a dark humorous joke but these ‘wingnuts’ are foisting all of this on “we the people” under the guise of (for one) “an ‘investment’ in America’s future generations”. Oh right I get it … lets sell them down the river economically so they are smart enough to realize it?

I have become a woman on a mission … all of you should join me … for to long we have been shoved into a pigeon hole (someone else’s) and cautioned to be ‘politically correct’. WELL SCREW POLITICALLY CORRECT and everyone stupid enough to fall sway to it. A SPADE IS A DAMN SPADE and more power to it. I am tired of having to try and decipher if someone thinks ‘shovel’ is more politically correct. I say we live in a very real tough world. So belly up to the bar boys/girls and get use to it.

We have a government in a shambles. Today I heard testimony from Harry Markopolos to the House Financial Services Sub Committee about his ignored reports in 2000 to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) about Bernie Madoff and his ponzie scheme. He was flat ignored for over 8 years. What does this oversight faction of the government oversee?
Well try this on for size.
Should these guys be replaced? You bet … AT LEAST … perhaps they themselves need to be brought up on charges as accomplices. Now that’s a novel idea isn’t it?

What does this boil down to?
Fairly simple. These people simply do not care. They have nothing to lose. They are making rulings or NOT about the safety of YOUR MONEY. They have already feathered their nest so what does it matter if “we the people” get swindled by some 2 bit crook?

There is no accountability ANYWHERE in the government today.
The few principled people left in government are so outnumbered they are hamstrung.

“We the people” must accept some responsibility because a good number of us have sat idle and simply allowed it to happen. Another segment of the population is in despair and thinks they don’t count so they DO NOTHING.

Well I am reminded of an old saying “If you are not part of the solution you are a part of the problem”. I am also reminded of another saying “You get out of life what you put into it.”

Well here we go. We are at the end of a road. Those willing to sit on their duff and do nothing are going to be hitting a brick wall. We are fast coming to a time when the true mass economically supporting this do nothing ineffective government are about to shout NO MORE.

When those supporters decide “WHY SHOULD I PAY TAXES WHEN THE LEADERS DO NOT?” and simply stop.
What then?
What happens when China gets wind that the people who provide the wealth for the government to squander refuse to pay?
Gee whiz do you think they will pull the plug on their lending bucks?
Anyone in their right mind would.

What does the government NOT understand about WE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO BORROW OURSELVES OUT OF DEBT?

This stimulus package is estimated to cost each family $37,000 … this Obama calls change … yes indeed it is. Is it the change you voted for? Had Obama campaigned on: … well our change means you pay us $37,000 … there is no doubt he would have lost in a landslide.

It may come as a shock to the government there is a faction of the population that is responsible. We live within our means. Maybe the government needs to do the same. I suggest if anyone in government wants to give a hand out it needs to start out of their own particular pocket. It’s called charity.

I reckon if this were the case we would see far less pork stuffed into EMERGENCY BAILOUTS.

So everyone in the government … PASS THE HAT AMONG YOURSELVESYOU ALONE come up with the DOLLAR FIX. You are our leader Barack Obama … you make the first donation. If all of you fall short … well then drag out your fund raising machine and cover the shortfall OR NOT.

Quit coming to the public expecting them to bail out YOUR FOLLY.

2009 ‘payoff package’ fronted as ‘stimulus package’ will kick start the economy?

Not on your life! It was never intended to do that it was a front for “payoff your buddies time”. Thank heavens the Democrats are use to the population being silent. How nice the public is finally looking at the scum on the bottom of the pail and insisting on exactly what it is SCUM.

It is mind boggling when you wonder if those in charge of the government are plain stupid or simply corrupt.
I suppose we could consider they are both. One thing is crystal clear they think (or at least hope) ‘we the people’ are stupid. They well could be right until now. It looks like we are fast waking up to what really is going on in the government today.

If the crisis has done one thing it has riled the public base. That base who overwhelmingly knew a 700 billion dollar program (that was an emergency so we were told) was sheer idiocy STUFFED DOWN their gullets. Now has another EMERGENCY being again rammed through.

Has Barack Obama screwed himself while in the process of screwing the public?
Is he to blame?
He campaigned on change well we have change alright. One cabinet member who thinks supporting the pardon of one of the most wanted criminals and a group of terrorists is perfectly fine … he is now remorseful. Two more tax evaders who are also remorseful.
Why the remorse after all this time?
Because they got caught and if they did not show some semblance of remorse could not get the elevated political promotions they seek?

Much of the public was skeptical about the judgment capabilities of Barack Obama.
We no longer have to be skeptical do we?
In living real time color we now all know the mans judgment totally sucks.

That ‘slurping sucking’ sound is not just the lack of ‘ethical standards’ one expects from someone in this high office slipping down the drain. It is the sucking of your money right out of your wallet by way of the pork barrel HOAX ‘stimulus plan’ that he EXPECTS EVERYONE to support.

I had to wonder just how long it would take Obama to realize just how screwed he is.
History is an interesting thing. Time levels out almost everything. 50 maybe even less (like 10 years down the road) it will be interesting what history has to say about Obama.
Do I think he cares?
You bet!
For the few short weeks he has been in office he is panning out to be a disaster.
If not for most of us shortly certainly his children, your and mine not to mention the generations to come.

People say we can not blame Obama … it’s Pelosi, Reid and Obey (another dubious character giving handouts of OUR MONEY to his sons special interest).
Where does the BUCK STOP?
Well every BUCK in the USA stopped with Bush so it is only fair this BUCK stops at Obama. Since part of what Obama preached from the ‘campaign pulpit’ was his ability to hit the ground running … either he hit it on the economy or he didn’t. With all that faces us today its pretty clear HE DID NOT or he just hoped the public was to dumb to care or pay attention.

An extremely interesting thing is occurring.
The media that dropped to their knees in a definitely lopsided reverent praise of Obama was a wake up call. Much of the public NOW understands they can no longer TRUST the media for anything. I find it interesting how FINALLY a backlash is beginning to surface. EVERYONE/ANYONE can get a blog they are FREE. If you can type your voice can be heard.
Part of the public is beginning to shriek. More are shrieking daily.

Does the government care?
You bet they care!
You pay the bills. You have the power to send them packing into the unemployment lines where many of them deserved to be years long past.
Do not be surprised if the next assault is on our FREE speech rights.
Much of the public could not tell you what the Bill of Rights offers us as citizens.
THEY DO know about the right to free speech.
Wait until the government tries to pull the plug there.
It could be the deciding straw.

I have heard people say “I can do nothing”. I guess we should define nothing. NOTHING is sitting watching TV and screaming at it daily. NOTHING is being in denial that WORSE will not happen because AMERICA is to big, bold and tough.

What can each and every one of you do that literally COSTS you NOTHING?
USE YOUR VOICE and the brain that runs it.

It does NOT MATTER what side of the isle you sit on.
Kick your mind into gear and THINK AND THEN VOICE THAT THOUGHT.
I bet at least you will feel a little bit better.

The government needs new cars? I think NOT!

Remember ACORN? Congressional Democrats voted to offer billions of taxpayer dollars to ACORN and other leftwing outfits – YOUR tax dollars – in their “economic stimulus” legislation.

But that isn’t all. House Democrats voted to spend $600 million on new cars for the federal government, $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts, and $136 billion on at least 32 government programs. They even voted to spend $335 million on STD prevention.

None of this will fix our ailing economy.

How about a simple NO for those begging for handouts.
Like any business owner if you can not make it on your own then you need to go out of business.
If ACORN can not make it on their own they too need to go out of business.

It will be interesting to see how much of this stimulus package they want to siphen off to themselves in raises or perks.

Personally I think they all need about a 25% pay cut (at least) since they are responsible for this problem.