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Hillary Voters Attack Homeless Black Woman For Supporting Trump

Yesterday I read a piece where David A. French talked about the price his family paid for opposing Donald Trump.

“I saw images of my daughter’s face [an Ethiopian girl French adopted] in gas chambers, with a smiling Trump in a Nazi uniform preparing to press a button and kill her,” French writes. “I saw her face photo-shopped into images of slaves. She was called a ‘niglet’ and a ‘dindu.’”

French a staff writer for for the National Review claims this torrent of abuse was unleashed on he and his family by alt-right fanatics and Trump supporters.
According to French … because he was publicly critical of Trump. Well and his name was leaked as a possible third-party candidate which put him on a Trump supporter “disparaging hit list”.

Personally I find targeting ANY CHILD deplorable NO MATTER WHO THAT CHILD BELONGS TO.

What I find odd is any Trump supporter linking Trump with a Nazi uniform and a button being pressed to kill Frenche’s child.
Does anyone else immediately link THAT PLAYBOOK TACTIC to the HILLARY SUPPORTING LEFT?

How ironic that French is possibly being the target of those he supports.

On the heels of that story comes this one today.
OPPS! … only this one caught on video to immediately go viral on youtube.

As if Hillary Clinton was not having a bad enough couple of days already.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton WANT WAR With Russia

Barack Obama Wants WarThis is not rocket science folks.
Pay attention to the facts.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton CREATED ISIS.
Russia is trying to rid the middle east of ISIS.

All of a sudden Barack Obama is beating his chest wanting to tangle with Putin?

The pink helmet bike kid is beating his chest pretending to be a silver back gorilla all of a sudden?
Give me a break.

Well you guessed it:
1. Donald Trump is about to clean Corrupt Hillary Clinton’s POLITICAL CLOCK.
2. Barack Obama raised a Muslim is a sympathizer of ISIS. Where was all of this might to wipe out this sworn enemy of the USA?

Putin on his worst day is 1000 times smarter than Obama.
Hopefully he will not be goaded into a skirmish with this panty waist and his corrupt administration.

Crooked Hillary ClintonMake no mistake Hillary Clinton is hoping a war will distract the FBI from marching her corrupt ass in the slammer where she belongs.

All of you young males who support Clinton for President?
Envision yourselves peering out of a foxhole drafted into the OBAMA/CLINTON war in the middle east.

Haiti Senate President exposes Clinton Foundation

The drip drip of breaking news exposing the Clinton Corruption just never seems to end these days. Nor is it likely to stop until she either drops dead of whatever ails her or she loses to Donald Trump in November.

After-all the Clinton pair have been busy at this corruption business for at least 40 years.

Yesterday Dave from found this video … so I will share it with you here. It is important these messages get spread to as much of the public as we can.
So thank you Dave 😉

This is a clip of the former Haitian Senate President, Bernard Sansaricq as he exposes the Clinton Foundation as the corrupt ‘charity’ that it is.

At a Donald Trump function Bernard Sansaricq talks about the Clinton’s attempting to bribe him, and how the Clinton Foundation stole money from Haiti during the 2010 earthquake, as well as how they use Haiti to funnel drugs and drug money to the United States.

Money which ended up in Washington D.C. and even the White House in cornflakes cereal boxes.

AMAZING but certainly not surprising.

Mark Schmidter Jailed for Handing out Pamphlets


Mark Schmidter got 145 days in the hole for handing out pamphlets

Mark Schmidter got 145 days in the hole for handing out pamphlets

Contact: Adam H. Sudbury, Esquire

(407) 395-4111 (Office), (407) 335-0646 (Mobile/Text) or

February 21, 2013; Orlando, FL. Mark E. Schmidter appeared in court today, Thursday, February 21, 2013, before the Honorable Belvin Perry Jr. for resentencing on one count of criminal contempt of court. The resentencing occurs after the Fifth District Court of Appeal in December found that Schmidter’s First Amendment right to free speech was violated by requiring him to stand within “free speech zones” at the Orange County Courthouse. However, the appeals court also found that restricting distribution of literature to jurors summoned for jury duty was legally permissible, and that Schmidter’s conviction for contempt on those grounds should be upheld. Schmidter was re-sentenced today to serve 145 days in the Orange County Jail, and was immediately taken into custody.

“Judge Perry views Mark’s actions as being a form of jury tampering. That just isn’t the case,” said Adam H. Sudbury, Schmidter’s attorney. “Jury tampering requires an intent to interfere with a specific case. Mark is simply trying to inform jurors that they have the right to acquit people charged under unjust or immoral laws.”

Cross dresser Belvin Perry gave Schmidter 145 days for handing out informed jury pamphlets

Cross dresser Belvin Perry gave Schmidter 145 days for handing out informed jury pamphlets

The organization with which Schmidter is affiliated, the Fully Informed Jury Association (“FIJA”) has had widespread success in advancing the cause of “jury nullification,” which is the right of a juror to judge both the facts and the law under which a person is charged.

“This case isn’t about jury nullification, or whether you agree or disagree with it. It is about our First Amendment freedom of speech. Mark has every right to tell jurors and non-jurors what he believes their role to be in our constitutional republic,” said Sudbury.

According to Sudbury, the next stage of the proceedings is to file a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court. He expects these papers to be filed at some point early next week. “Our case is currently pending before the Florida Supreme Court, and we also have a federal declaratory judgment action in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. We will try to get Mark released by filing a habeas corpus petition as soon as we are able,” said Sudbury.

Questions about this release should be directed to: SUDBURY LAW, 407-395-4111 or .

John P. Hussman “S&P 500 Index Overvalued”

Wall Street analysis has been bearish on Wall Street since 2009. The DJIA recently hit 14,000 again, the first time since 2007 but this is a “nominal” number that does not take into inflation. Inflation adjusted the DJIA is still 9.4% below it’s 2007 high.

For those not familiar the Federal Reserve “pumps” money int the stock market to keep “liquidity” and “markets moving” in a upward direction. Some would call this money creation a EBT card for the top 0.01%.

Towards the end of 2010 the Federal Reserve announced it would be creating $600 billion known as “Quantitative Easing part II” and distributing the money through the federal open market committee (FOMC) to member banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan (the owners of the private Federal Reserve) which in turn can invest in equities.

In this graph of the DJIA the upward positive affect can be seen for the duration of the program up to about the end of June 2011. After the program ended you can see the drop in the stock market. The stock market and bond market has been receiving these injections of cash and are now overpriced and dependent on the Federal Reserve polices of inflating the money supply.

Despite this discount Hussman is still bearish on stocks and bonds. The only reason equities have been performing the last four years have been the massive Federal Reserve interventions in the marketplace called by various names notably quantitative easing and operation twist.

Here is what Hussman had to say about the value investors can expect to see in the near future:

In recent years, I’ve gained the reputation of a “perma-bear.” The reality is that I’m quite a reluctant bear, in that I would greatly prefer market conditions and prospective returns to be different from what they are. There’s no question that conditions and evidence will change, unless the stock market is to be bound for the next decade in what would ultimately be a low-single-digit horserace with near-zero interest rates. For my part, I think the likely shocks are larger, and the potential opportunities will be greater than investors seem to contemplate here. Investors who are eager to lock in whatever prospective return might be available at present valuations – or have operationalized their investment discipline and tested its outcomes across market cycles over history – can certainly ignore the evidence that drives my own concerns. Even then, I expect that the perspectives here would augment the performance of that discipline. But for investors who have tested no discipline at all, and have little data to support the enthusiasm that surrounds them, what follows is a summary of my concerns.

Present market conditions now match 6 other instances in history: August 1929 (followed by the 85% market decline of the Great Depression), November 1972 (followed by a market plunge in excess of 50%), August 1987 (followed by a market crash in excess of 30%), March 2000 (followed by a market plunge in excess of 50%), May 2007 (followed by a market plunge in excess of 50%), and January 2011 (followed by a market decline limited to just under 20% as a result of central bank intervention). These conditions represent a syndrome of overvalued, overbought, overbullish, rising yield conditions that has emerged near the most significant market peaks – and preceded the most severe market declines – in history:

John P. Hussman’s graph “I can’t stress enough the importance of seeing the larger picture here – it would have been easy to miss the forest and get lost in the weeds and trees of daily and weekly market advances at each point identified in the chart above. Pursuing short-term returns in those environments would have been a mistake, because the initial losses typically came in the form of vertical “air pockets.””

S&P 500 Index overvalued, with the Shiller P/E (S&P 500 divided by the 10-year average of inflation-adjusted earnings) greater than 18. The present multiple is actually 22.6.
S&P 500 Index overbought, with the index more than 7% above its 52-week smoothing, at least 50% above its 4-year low, and within 3% of its upper Bollinger bands (2 standard deviations above the 20-period moving average) at daily, weekly, and monthly resolutions. Presently, the S&P 500 is either at or slightly through each of those bands.

Investor sentiment overbullish (Investors Intelligence), with the 2-week average of advisory bulls greater than 52% and bearishness below 28%. The most recent weekly figures were 54.3% vs. 22.3%. The sentiment figures we use for 1929 are imputed using the extent and volatility of prior market movements, which explains a significant amount of variation in investor sentiment over time.

Yields rising, with the 10-year Treasury yield higher than 6 months earlier.

The blue bars in the chart below identify historical points since 1970 corresponding to these conditions.”

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