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The Rules of Secession

Well folks our communist educated half Negro president has his Rules of Radicals book by Saul D. Alinsky and in that spirit I would like to put forth the opposite rules into effect immediately, the Rules of secession from the union.

saul_alinsky-picFirst we all have to recognize some common characteristics of the radicals on the left. As much as they try to hide it all radicals, communist, socialist and like our current president fascist are two things, lazy and egotistical. Look at the clowns on the left, and yes for government school educated idiots fascism is on the left, and you see a bunch of emotionally handicapped lazy slugs.
Has Obama ever held a job where actual work or production was involved? Nancy Pelosi? Does changing diapers count? Timothy Geithner? Brian Dees? None that I know of has ever engaged in activities that would produce a product resulting in employment for others and a pay check from the privet sector. All feel entitled and above the people. Why work when you can spread ideological BS everywhere and get paid for it?

Our president infamously bummed a lot of cash for his college degrees from Rahid Khalidi and his PLO buddies. Nancy married a rich guy and when the kids grew up used the old man’s cash to win a congressional seat. The punk Dees never worked a day in this life but he does have a political science degree. Geithner has been and will always be a financial bureaucrat who never produced anything more than a fish taco for his girlfriend.

All slugs who don’t have a clue what’s its like to work for a living. And if you could get into these morons heads what would be their worse fear? Working for a living. McDonalds, Chrysler, Home Depot, Save a Lot, you name it. The thought of dirtying themselves with the heathens of the world terrifies these elitist psycho lazy pigs.

hitler-picture    obama-pic

What did Obama do when he was young? Run around bitching to capitalist and government for handouts. Why didn’t he become a contractor and do something about the living conditions? Why didn’t he use his own physical labor to make a difference? Because like most leftist he’s lazy and incompetent. The dude probably couldn’t chance his own oil. And it’s this basic fact that most leftist are emotionally handicapped combined with laziness and incompetence that sets the premise for the rules of secession.

First the decent folks who are not afraid of work need to understand that all these federal, state and local government programs are designed to do one thing, part you from your cash and the fruits of your labor. The leftist give every excuse in the book to justify this thievery, children, school, roads, military, fairness, and the list is never ending. Only two of these are legitimate at the federal level. The military and interstate commerce regulation. All other programs are a waste of money that could be done better and more efficiently at the state or local level. The lazy parasites cannot live without your labor. You need to recognize this and deny all levels of government all forms of taxation down to the local level.

This means never voting for a politician that supports any new form of taxation or program beyond the military. Currently there are only 100 congress people and 15 senators that fit the criteria. The ONLY exception should be at the local level.
Second the purpose of secession is to get away from people you don’t like. Czechoslovakia ring a bell? Two groups of different people thrown together by history and brute force. When the brute force was removed these two people peacefully got together, split the bills, and formed the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. These two groups of people recognized they didn’t like each other a whole lot and went about separating in an adult peaceful manner. And so should the people of the United States.

The incarceration rate for whites is 4.4%, Latinas 16.7% and blacks 28.6%. Anyone ever do the math? 28.6%/4.4% = 6.5. Blacks are 6.5 times more likely to commit crimes than white folks. Pretty obvious that there are two different sets of values here. Why not let cities like Detroit for their own country? Despite the propaganda the only thing history tells us about diversity is it leads to the break up of countries. Why fight it?

The average IQ for whites is 100, Latinas 93 and Negroes 85. Why do we put these groups together in the same learning environment? Schools can be private if government is free of the corrupting influence of unions and minority special interest groups. Why do we hold back the best and brightest for the dumb and lazy? Why are F students in the same math class as A and B students? It’s suicidal behavior that has led to generations of dumping down our educational system.

We have little in common with these other people of color. Let’s acknowledge it and move our separate ways.
Secession would allow like minded people to form cities and states of similar like minded people. Homogeneous communities with people like yourself who share your beliefs and values. These are they types of communities where people are the happiest. Why deny yourself this?

This would do more to improve your life and separate youfrom the lazy parasites that want to live of the fruits of your labor. Why should you be taxed to support some crack head? Let the parasites go hungry. They will either shape up or die. So be it.
Let the Negros have Detroit. Let the Latinas have Miami. Knock yourself out. White people don’t need you. Take a walk and don’t come back. Be free and go away!

If white people don’t seriously start thinking of secession that guy in the White House has the wheels churning to take your freedom and liberty from you and make you a slave to the people of color. Obama like 95% of Negros is a racist. All Obama and almost all other Negros think about is race. They hate white people and will do ANYTHING to destroy your life.
What is all this printing of cash about with the Federal Reserve? The Obots want there to be a lot of inflation with their people in power so they can create more dictatorship. Destroy the old and create the new. What it means to white people and all productive members of society is your ability to raise your family in comfort will be gone. The government will tell you what house, car, groceries and where you can live. Your children will be sent to war for some stupid reason and the 4,500 KIA’s in Iraq will be a fond memory. A real war with China or Russia would produce 10 or 20 times that many casualties. A war would consume up to 37% of the GDP like it did in WWII. So that 3% of GDP spent on the military everyone bitches about would be a fond memory of when we had freedom and liberty.


The stakes for you and your family could not be higher. Secession is the answer or a complete 180 at the federal level needs to happen.


Anyone wonder what would have happened to Canada back in the 1970’s when Quebec wanted to form its own French speaking country? The English Canadians fought the French with every ounce of strength they had. And what happened? Socialized medicine, gun control, anti free speech laws, government schools indoctrinating children, stagnant economic growth. All because the English Canadians were so fixated on keeping the French as part of Canada. So in essence the English Canadians sacrificed their very essence of freedom and liberty for a bunch of lazy smelly French leaches. Next time the French want their own country let them have it and sign a free trade agreement with them. Go back to your English roots of free speech and liberty. Why all the stupid sacrifice of your core values? Be free and prosper.

And so it is with America. White people are 66% of the population but Obama can change that in the blink of an eye. All he has to do is open the boarders and white America is gone forever. These third world peoples have low education levels, low IQ’s, high crime rates and totally different cultures based on draconian 7th century ideas and beliefs will rule. We will be economic slaves.

What is the solution? Texas and South Carolina need to get serious about secession especially Texas. Texas needs to file a law suit using their old treaty with the United States as an excuse to secede from the union. Yes the law suit will get throw out. But it will show the other states Texas is serious about standing up to the bully in Washington.
Just like in the school yard there is a bully loose tormenting the other students. No one wants to stand up to the bully and if no one does the bully will terrorize and rob the other students for the rest of their school days. All the students hate the bully but they profess love and admiration for the bully so as not to be singled out for punishment. And so it is with our president, GM, Citibank, Chrysler and we the people. Someone needs to stand up to this lazy stupid punk and knock him on his ass. I nominate Texas.

And if it gets more serious after that so be it. Our founding fathers told us the republic would not last forever and of course they were right. So be it. Live free or die.

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My Economy is not recovering is yours?

Since all of this crash started at the end of last year my 401K has crashed over 50%. (NOTE: that is 47 years of work and saving down the GREED, CORRUPTION, POLITICAL tube) THAT IS NOT GOING TO RECOVER BEFORE I DROP DEAD!
My Bank of American bonds STINK!
I can not get my money that apparently are like loans back when they were suppose to be paid off by Bank of America a couple of months ago.
That is when I discovered B of A can hang on to my money until they TOTALLY GO BELLY UP and the FEDS say OH WELL TO BAD!

I take solace in knowing I am in GOOD COMPANYY along with millions of other people who did their best to save for their GOLDEN YEARS.

Do we choose to forget this started LONG AGO?
It started to surface with GW BUSH … the Democrats pointing at the Bush administration as the total culprits DO NOT WANT all of us to remember they WERE ALSO IN POWER AND SHARE EQUAL OR MORE BLAME.

For those Democrats who do not want to look at that expect your money to also further go up in smoke.

That leads us all to today.
Is your budget covering what it did yesterday?
Mine is not.
How do I cope?
Cut out other things. A fixed income does not get bigger to accommodate the rise of food, housing cost and gasoline.
What is the remedy?
I cut my GOING about 75%

Am I going to buy a new more fuel efficient car? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! I am going to keep the one I have and us it a lot less.

I was in a class a few weeks ago when someone piped up with a comment that sort of went like this: “ahhh we ought to give OBAMA a chance he and the Democrats inherited this from the Republicans” … when I recovered my jaw from the top of the table my thought went to “are you really THAT STUPID or do you just like to LOOK THAT WAY?

My brother said it well the other day … “there are those out there to stupid to recognize stupid”.
I am beginning to truly understand the concept of a dumbed down society.

Wake up folks.
You better gear your life to taking care of yourself and those you love because its clear the brown shirts are coming to take your guns, money, freedom. Its already clear that is the agenda of our governmental system on (BOTH SIDES)

Shaking out the wash.

I have watched Glen Beck off and on since he hit fox news.
He apprears to be sincere and forthright when my cousin pointed me to the ambush on “THE VIEW” … I was a bit surprised at the whole 7 minutes of “YOU ARE A LIAR” the women foisted onto the view audience.

I was left with a WHY?
I made comment back then.

Well here is where the truth finally shakes out. Appaently I was not the only person troubled by the situation on a number of levels. I did not think Beck lied because I figured he was to smart to do that in front of millions when his motto is “say what you mean and mean what you say”.

So here is what finally tumbled out of the dirty “THE VIEW” laundry basket under scrutiny. Amtrac wanted the whole issue to be swept under the carpet, ABC who indeed asked for SPECIAL TREATMENT of Walters and Goldberg and GOT IT!

The outcome?
Walters is either a journalist who DOES NOT CHECK HER FACTS or is hopelessly out of touch with how ordinary people ride Amtrac.

Woopie? … I don’t know … I have always given her credit for being pretty even keeled. In this instance she was totally whacked. So why I ask?


Will they give it?
If there is a chance I suspect it would come from at Goldbergs urging. I will not hold my breath.

You can watch the saga played out by a real journalist (Scott Baker of Breitbart TV and The B-Cast)

You be the judge.

True or False?

I find it tiring that someone who is touted as extremely smart and eloquent continues to make statements that NO ONE CAN TRUST.

The outcome? Like the little boy who continued to “cry wolf” was finally ignored. Ignored in a time of crisis.

I have decided to make a list of Presidential comments starting TODAY:

I will add to this when I run across them.

1. The number of Muslims in the U.S. would make America “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” (claimed President Obama in an interview released last night by French television network Canal Plus)

As the Weekly Standard points out, Obama’s claim American Muslims could make the U.S. one of the largest Islamic countries is not demographically true. The most generous estimates put America’s Muslim population at about 8 million, which would barely place the U.S. in the top 42 Muslim countries.

Transparancy? What Transparancy?

One more fraudulent promise from the Whitehouse. Apparently the world still clings to HOPE from this administration. Day by day the flicker of HOPE Obama offered is dwindling. Apparently is is only left in the eyes of those wearing rose colored glasses, the ignorant or those with a hand out.

Mean while the world that is left with an ounce of common sense and that passed 4th grade math UNDERSTAND THE MATH DOES NOT ADD UP.

So what are we left with?
You decide.

It is laughable to watch Robert Gibbs and the President of the USA when they speak.

The latest issue is White House website on “open government dialogue”.
Apparently the moderators are busy scrubbing comments that they do not see suitable. ESPECIALLY COMMENT ON “THE PRESIDENTS BIRTH CERTIFICATE”.

So much for transparency and “free speech”.

I have yet to hear ANYTHING Obama has said that ANYONE can believe.

It is an interesting time to live and watch what is going on in our Government. I should have been paying closer attention long ago.

I hope it is not to late to start now.