January 2018
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Donald Trump Strikes Again

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- "And Then There Were Two" Episode 1214/1215 -- Pictured: (l-r) Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. -- Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — “And Then There Were Two” Episode 1214/1215 — Pictured: (l-r) Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. — Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Doing what he does best … exposing the “willful stupidity” of the Main Stream Media … this is entertainment at its best!

Today I was looking for a fudge recipe on youtube when the promo for this video came up.

I happen to think Trump is just about the most entertaining person on the political scene right now.

I do not watch much media stuff anymore because watching one person as dense as a door knob interviewing another who is far denser then a door knob is a waste of time.

Apparently we passed the marker to “A DUMBED-DOWN SOCIETY” long ago and no one noticed.

Anyway back to the video starring Donald Trump and Katy Tur from NBC News.

Somehow this little fool thought she was smart enough to take on Trump?
That public exposure did not go well for her did it?

Around 23:30M she is close to bursting into tears.
How embarrassing!
Than at 25:46M he says … “I watch all of these pundits who don’t have brains” … clearly she realizes he was referencing her for the above response to her question RIGHT? … still ROFL

But then I imagine she is one of the “too stupid to recognize stupid”…. so the concept of embarrassed would fly over her head at mach.

At the end she THANKS HIM for verbally beating the crap out of her in front of 328,126 views so far?

Martin Luther King’s DREAM COME TRUE!

0Martin-Luther-KingAs one who was actually around when MLK (Martin Luther King) was marching and actually listening to what he said and stood for it is refreshing to see people like this young woman espouse what he actually was about.

UNLIKE the Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharpton’s who were also there but decided for whatever reason (usually the lining of their own pockets) who as soon as he was gone did whatever they could to tear down his valuable work.

For those too young or those with extremely SHORT MEMORY. Al Sharpton has been CORRUPT POND SCUM since Tawana Brawley in 1972.

If this is your ideal of a black leadership standard then those who fought for “your rights” WASTED THEIR TIME.

These black leaders are making fools of you and apparently some of you are actually TOO STUPID TO RECOGNIZE THAT!

This young woman is a credit to society no matter the color.

BRAVO FOR HER and may she multiply and replenish the earth with thousands JUST LIKE HER!!